Monday, October 18, 2010

Leak about Wikileaks from Wired is Prepared Propaganda: Snares 700+ Newspapers and The Pentagon!

No doubt Wikileaks will eventually get off the documents though.  These world government toadies calling themselves Americans are pissing their pants because in reality, the middle east was where the ENMOD experiments began. The whole place is a military playground for mad men experimenting with biotech, radiation, and mind control warfare, as well as being a test bed for weird pharmaceutical concoctions of myriad type. It is probable these documents being released by Julian and his group will expose at least some of that. Which is good, considering that most of the medical records from the first bush war in the middle east were destroyed at the site of conflagration called the Murrah Building, in Oklahoma City, and concerning the second bush war there, well, information has not been very forthcoming yet.  Yet.

From The Australian:

The website is expected to disseminate the information simultaneously through a selected newspaper in Britain, another in Germany and a third in the United States in an operation that has been planned for weeks.The hoard of classified information is more than four times the size of the material on the war in Afghanistan that WikiLeaks published in July through the same media outlets. That move triggered widespread condemnation because of fears that it endangered the lives of hundreds of Afghans who gave information to the US-led military by revealing their names and where they live.Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, voiced this concern in a letter written to Senator Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in August, which came to light in US media reports over the weekend. Mr Gates also concluded, however, that the release of some 70,000 classified documents did not reveal sensitive information.A Pentagon spokesman said last night that the timing of the leak remained unclear but the department was ready for it happening as early as today or tomorrow. Other sources, however, said it might not happen for at least another week.Before the publication of the Iraq files - which look set to be even more revealing than the Afghan data - the Pentagon set up a 120-strong team to determine the potential implications and fallout....MORE

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