Saturday, November 13, 2010

11/13/10 0930 Rome NY

Notice the sprayed double-bar duct to the right of this plasma, that is an E.M. ducting component, think antennae energy....also notice the maintenance chemtrails within the plasma, just sprayed or still being sprayed as this image was taken....this plasma was sprayed and positioned within a matter of minutes...the sky was totally clear before.  There were many drones spraying dissipating trails along with the planes spraying the main particulate powders.  This has been maintained for two hours now.  there were over a dozen aircraft involved in this maneuver.  The operation cost the American taxpayers one hundred thousand dollars, so the next time the political traitors talk about taxes and the need for money to build schools and roads, lets remind them of these operations which are an ongoing attack across the USA daily.   One thing to remember.  The solar technology does not work very well at night, so they go half blind during darkness.  Thats when the antennae, the broadcast canopy, and the satellites really come online.  If they spray lines at night it is most likely biotechnological materials, because sunlight kills biotech.  IF YOU CLICK ON THIS IMAGE TWICE, AND GET IT TO ITS MAX SIZE, LOOK TO THE LEFT OF THE PLASMA CLOUD, YOU MAY SEE A PERFECT CIRCLE PUNCHED INTO THE EDGE OF THE PLASMA, IT MANIFESTS ABOUT 3/5THS, THAT IS A SATELLITE ENERGIZING THE MACHINE, AND POSITIONING IT.  THESE ARE MORE AND MORE COMMON, AS THE NWO IS BUSTED, AND THEY DO NOT CARE WHO SEES. PEOPLE BELOW THAT SATELLITE BEAM OF ENERGY ARE GETTING MICROWAVED BADLY OR WORSE.

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