Monday, June 25, 2012

The New Weather Patterns

The hurricanes now come off the equator, from the opposite direction than had been happening all those years past. Hurricanes almost always came off the sahara, across the atlantic, and hit the east coast, now any that do that go north along the gulfstream, and tropic al depression type stuff is being formed in and with vortices around Mexico and the gulf of Mexico.   Some is centered around tectonic activity zones. It is all a new type of weather pattern to protect the east coast beaches and perhaps an attempt to reinvigorate the failing gulf stream, which started slowing down when all that stuff in the west was being done during Duh-byas reign.  Everything is changing fast and some control is being lost as we speak, which is why the new antennae farms and nuke power plants...the oil wars were so the government could beef up the wireless grid, not for your car dummy.

But none of that happened, according to our Monsanto owned Government, and it is still not happening.


Look up and photograph the sky.

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