Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Social Game Begins?

I want to create a new social game, it involves luring papparazzi to their deaths. Whoever lures the most papparazzi wienies to their deaths over the long run, or in one fell swoop, is honored and awarded prizes. FUN!

This is just paybax, because papparazzi people are using their cell phones and other electronic tools to dominate individuals for various reasons, political, media, whatever, just to be alphas or alphas wannabes.  What they are is thieves, as the ACLU says: Privacy is Power, and these thieves are disempowering people by stealing privacy, and I would like to see them all die.

ortunately they are VERY easily manipulated with false information, and their frenzy builds all out of proportion to the people they target, so we will consider this voluntary group snuff films, que?  Afterall is not murder if the lemmings do it on their own eh? 
I am talking about getting a group of them to walk into the wrong place at the wrong time, like in front of train or truck doing its speed limit, it would be artful to see and contrive.  All these flash mobbers and other stalkers always have their cell phone cams on, so the conflagration could and would be preserved from many different angles and perspectives; all that would need to be done is collect the cameras after all the bodies are cleaned up.
I am sure Liam and Harry are with me on this, and I bet they will win, but I am going to try like hell anyway, and anyone else who has been hassled by the soul-less papparazzi scumbags, or just think it would be a gas, should join right in.

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