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DEVILVISION: My Book About ENMOD Chapter 5

Devilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

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Chapter 5

The Radiant Arsenal: Some Explanatory Science

Our mind is of 3 categories: what we know, what we don't know, and what we don't know we don't know. Not knowing is unfortunate; not knowing that we don't know is tragic. - W. Erhart

Humanitarian weapons
A plague from the 20th century Psychotronic weapons are related to one of the types of the so-called "non lethal" weapons. Their invisible components can kill at a distance, imitating or causing any chronic illness, they can make a person a criminal or irresponsible, create aviation, railroad or automobile accidents in a matter of seconds, destroy fundamental structures, destroy, create or provoke any climatic cataclysm, control the most complex instrument or mechanism, control the behavior of people and any biological object and change the world-view of the population.
Psychotronic Golgotha
N.I. Anisimov, 1999

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late.
Thomas Hobbes

The Science of Control

The HAARP and GWEN projects convinced many scientists and military types of the value in broadcast energy. A lot of this value manifests as ultra-secure communication. Some of the value is in Environmental Modification. But to many of these people, if not most of them, along with their alter egos in politics, the REAL value of broadcast energy is Behavior Modification, and that is a many faceted thing. In fact, even though the second main aspect of broadcast energy, Environmental Modification, can be beneficial in many ways, it is also a form of Behavior Modification, even in its most benign forms. When the environment of biological organisms is modified, so are the organisms within that environment, and that should be obvious.

As a form of control, Electronic Behavior Modification is extremely efficient and effective when compared to things like corrections programs, harm reduction, economic parity, and political fairness. Behavior modification is the perfect solution for the zealot and the dictator, they with little regard for individuality, freedom of thought, and other troublesome things like that.

Behavior Modification Technologies of all kinds are the Ultimate Aggression.

The Role Of Plasma

Plasma science is one of the sciences concerned with the behavior of particles within various mediums, at various energy levels. Plasmas can be either liquid or gaseous. Broadcast electrical energy makes use of gaseous plasma, and broadcast energy can also be instrumental in creation of these type of plasmas. Also, and perhaps most importantly, with relatively small amount of input energy from ground based broadcast sources, an avalanche, or new magnitude, of energy may be produced through the harnessing of solar power in novel ways. These are the power sources necessary to really deploy and utilize directed energy weapons, and so far they seem to be a well kept secret, hidden in plain sight.

An electrical plasma is a gaseous form composed of particles in which many free electrons are present, which may combine or flow from atoms, molecules or radicals to give those particles negative or positive charges causing them to become positive or negative ions. There are numerous methods in which electrical plasmas either form, or are formed. The properties of any given plasma are largely dependent on their relation to an energy source, plus the type of energy source and its magnitude, along with the type of material from which the plasma is derived.

For instance: when very fine particles of a material are sprayed into the air at higher altitudes, then expand into a diffuse cloud due to properties of both the material (Technically a solid) and the air (A gas), the energy from the sun which bombards this cloud of finely powdered particulate at upper altitude, then can literally begin to degrade the material, by forcefully separating or stimulating electrons and their movement within the sprayed particles via solar bombardment. This is energy creation/harvesting, the creation of radiant or other usable product, if you have the means to use it.

Broadcast energies from antennae, utilizing advanced High Frequency phased array electronic heating systems, and more, can accelerate this process. In this way ions and free electrons are formed, meaning charged and subatomic particles (Quanta), and the sprayed powder becomes an electrically manipulable plasma in every sense of the word. This degradation - stimulation - ionization is many times utilized to direct various types of irradiation groundward, whether this be for a certain purpose, or experimental. If only microwave or lesser radiations are produced, this is called non-ionizing radiation. If energys above ultraviolet are formed (Ionizing Radiation) then the plasma is weaponry of the highest degree. As we will soon see, these types of experiments are known and well developed by the American, Israeli, and Russian militarys. (1)

Even though weak light will degrade/stimulate most normal materials, albeit slowly, by aiding oxidation or other chemical reactions, causing ions to form as electrons are stimulated away from their respective nuclei, (ie. Photoelectric effect etc.), some degradation of materials is extremely aggressive, dependent on what is being degraded, and how it is being degraded. Sometimes forming what is known as ionizing radiation which is what one normally associates with radioactive materials or nuclear fallout. Many times other light energies (LASER, others) are formed during the solar degradation of finely powdered particulate matter by the sun. (1a) Types and magnitudes of these energy forms are all calculable, and possess many Weaponry/Behavior Modifying properties. Because this technology is actually denied, and much remains classified, it is difficult to find the exact recipes used in the various deformations during these solar experiments, but a review of the patents concerning particulate materials (Appendix B) will clue the savvy reader to the fact that some secrets are difficult to keep.

It should also be noted that different source energies will also effect the output of an Active Auroral degradation into electric plasma and fields, allowing a high degree of variability in Environmental Modification of the surface below, and the atmosphere, post aerosol treatment:

"United States Patent 4,152,625
Conrad May 1, 1979, Plasma generation and confinement with continuous wave lasers. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION: Radiation from a high power, infrared laser is directed to a target to initiate a plasma or laser-supported combustion wave, with the assistance of a plasma initiation device. A plasma is ignited using the plasma initiation device, and is allowed to propagate up the laser beam until it encounters and is stopped in the center of the beam by a magnetic field. The position of the plasma along the beam axis and the plasma temperature are controlled by the intensity of the laser beam and the strength of the magnetic field which may force the plasma to retreat into higher intensity regions of the converging beam, where it absorbs more energy from the beam, and hence reaches higher temperatures. By the use of different gases, vapors and/or finely-divided particulates, the physical and chemical characteristics of the plasma may be changed, as desired. For example, the gas employed may be in air or may be any from the group of atomic, molecular, or vapor gases such as xenon, argon, hydrogen or mercury vapor. Particulates which may be added, typically, include those used with an RF generated plasma such as finely-divided aluminum oxide as employed in prior art flame spraying. Thus a stable plasma is initiated in any suitable gas and can be maintained stationary or selectively positioned along an axis while the power input to the plasma is increased..."

Finally, lasers can also be propagated (carried/guided) via plasma forms, thereby acting in ways not normally associated with that type of energy. Microwaves can be propagated and employed in that way too: when broadcast or beamed into aerosoled plasma forms (created by spraying fine particulate matter as plumes which then form striated clouds or canopies -- Active Auroras) these energies can be made to act in new ways. Please see the glossary of this book if explanation for any of these terms is needed.

Another attribute of charged electrical plasmas is that they are much more manipulable via electromagnetic fields. Some plasmas form naturally, due to naturally airborn solar degradation of fine particulate matter, and the earths electromagnetic field/force. This is how certain layers of the atmosphere have formed over time, and how those same atmospheric layers were maintained through natural processes: the Aurora Borealis, and natural auroras in general, are plasma formations.

What the US military has learned to do is to create plasmas on demand, Active Auroras, by actually spraying various finely powdered particulates of a reactive nature, at any given point in the atmosphere, forming transient ionized plasmas, which can then be electrically manipulated by mobile units utilizing them for communications, weaponry and more. Though the term Ionosphere or Ionospheric occurs throughout the patent references and other documentation, many of the active auroras used in ENMOD and behavior modification are much lower level, as many photographs and eye witness accounts indicate.

These sprayings of particulates are readily discernible in today's world, and many, though not all, are used in conjunction with stationary ground based antennae to accomplish environmental and behavior modification having to do with weather and law enforcement. This is why a large number of the excuses given to the middle tier observers who question the operations have to do with rainmaking. Rainmaking with some of this technology is possible, though chemtrail sprayings are not really necessary for MHD (Magneto-Hydrodynamics)(2), but the governments secrets and interests are protected in direct proportion to the amount of confusion they can sow. The more they can muddy the water, the more they can create a basic ignorance of science among the population, creating a milieu where less explanation is necessary, and accountability for disasters or mistakes are nullified as well.

As a rule, the behavior modifying and weaponry aspects of ENMOD, and the attendant plasma science which becomes available through its deployment, can and are hidden within supposedly beneficial programs. But, as stated earlier in this book, there is not a lot of money in rainmaking and maintenance of the American population, but it has been shown there is quite a lot of money, unlimited money, in drought creation, and disaster, and terror. Here is a short essay done by this author for the net a few months ago, which may help explain the use of chemical spraying in our atmosphere as pertains to ENMOD, And Behavior Modification:

There are multiple vectors to a chemtrail. As soon as the mechanically deagglomerated powder is sprayed in a line it acts as a light capturing reflective device which focuses vast amounts of sunlight on small areas of the planets surface. This is according to the HAARP Patent itself, and personal observations/photographic record. Large amounts of energy concentrated on small portions of the earth, where people happen to be, will of course stun the thought processes and other bodily functions of the living things there, because that amounts to big time changes in the immediate environment of those living things, though largely invisible. Be that as it may, these energies are so vast most people cannot imagine. It is a huge energy conditioning ie. ENTRAINMENT, used in conjunction with the antennae farms and wireless active auroral grids deployed across the world now. Considering other characteristics of the overall program, there are some very alarming conclusions to be made, and quickly.

Some chemical spraying activity, such as short single or double lines, are used as foci for satellites above. Drones (UAVs) can also be seen spraying dissipating lines on many occasions for the same reason. Triangles, parallel lines, this means the ground below those areas is being bombarded with satellite energies of high magnitude, and known to be damaging in many ways.

These sprayed lines also propagate laser and other directable energies of a concentrated nature, this is where the surveillance aspects are most evident: various advanced tomographies for imaging are just one small aspect of what is possible with this active aurora technology. Through-roof-radars, and even some endothermic interferometries are being tested daily for their intrusive anti-privacy imaging capabilities. Some of the particulate sprayed is barium oxide, a desiccant and water gathering substance which causes a number of deleterious side effects among we who are sprayed with it daily, said affect appropriately termed Chronic Barium Intoxication(3).

Though barium is not known to bio-accumulate, it is by no means the only chemical being sprayed on the world, and vast over exposures to it, such as has been happening since 911 here in America, do have their side effects and known detriments, with chronic barium intoxication being just one. There are numerous medical waste indicators found in a lot of the sprayed samples raining down on us daily...its possible some wunderkind has figured a way to cook those bothersome medical wastes, like in a concrete furnace or something, then also learned to nanopowder this medical waste, as a means of disposal, hoping the suns forces will annihilate any hazards not disposed of prior to disbursement. (4) Overall, airborne particulate of ANY type seems to be a major objective of this spraying/energy program. Propagators. Facilitators.

This brings us to the second vector of the chemtrails, and that is the spreading and ionization of the chemical/particulate cloud. These chemical clouds become actual electrical plasmas as the sun degrades the particulate into constituent forms. Undulating, washboard-like artifacts in the clouds are one indicator some heavy antennae energy is/was being broadcast, and also orderly forms like tendril hands, eye of horus, chevrons in rows, mammatus, and more, all indicate distinctive and repeated events of ENMOD/Behavior Modification. As a chemical cloud spreads it can and does become an obscurant from prying eyes above, such as some satellites, and it also becomes a magnifier of the suns energies on the ground below, a radiator, depending on the chemical makeup of what was sprayed. Lensing. Mirrors. As well, there is a vast amount of degradation of a photochemical nature taking place as this fine fine powder spreads and is irradiated by the vast powers of the sun....some of this degradation causes other energies, laser of low grade but big power...watchers and photographers have pictures of all these clouds become charged ion plasmas, active auroral, like the aurora borealis, but very portable and customizable. These ion plasmas now become super powerful antennae and are capable of creating vast fields on and below the surface of the earth, easily able to encompass smaller targets such as houses with precision, or whole neighborhoods and cities. Another phase of the spread cloud of chemtrails is this: they can also entrap waves and other energy forms within the shell-like enclosure of what I term the broadcast canopy. It is like the ionospheric shell, but on a smaller, transient scale, and highly charged. Tesla Dome, Dirac are here.

The third aspect of chemtrails is the actual physical conditioning of the organisms below via the ingestion of the chemical substances being sprayed. What you are getting at every nights inversion, and just about all the time now, seeing as the spraying has been going on hot and heavy since 911. Its made to help you jump better to the wireless energies just recently installed in your total environment for surveillance, law enforcement, and behavior modification, all in the name of international law enforcement for your international and elite owners, who do not feel safe around all you gun owners, unless they are drugging you and killing you slowly 24-7. Disdain and hate is what America has hired as administrators for the most part, over time. They hate you, in direct proportion their exalted state is dependent on your largesse.

Behavior Modification And The Second Amendment

If you will start to look up into the sky, you will be able to see many parts of this technology being used daily. People who ask questions about it are either told they are imagining things, or are given a variety of answers depending on their actual station within society. Many times questioning this science will result in the inquirer being targeted for special treatment with other directed energy weapons and even drugs within their water and food supply, so that they just forget all about these questions and fall back into the societal groove from which they had arisen. The people behind this mind control have experimented and fine tuned their methods for well over a hundred years now, and they know just what makes other people tick. They have no compunction whatsoever about utilizing this knowledge to continue their programs of deceit and mind control.

Also, let us not forget that the need for drought remediation, the rainmaking and all that, was actually created by the other half of the Nazi 3rd Reich scientists, the ones who went to Russia after World War Two. These Cold Warriors had access to Tesla’s work for quite some time, and they actually took it seriously. These Russian Nazis perfected the Magnifying Transmitter and have been attacking America with it and other wireless technology for many decades now. Their goal was to dehydrate this country using their early broadcast technology in MHD ops, causing water crisis and food shortages, a bona fide and very effective tactic in war. This allowed OUR half of the Nazi scientists to then deploy drought remediation, which is still being denied, and is not really drought remediation so much as it is behavior modification technology, a way to overcome the second amendment and Americans right to ownership of firearms. The second amendment is the one thing that has kept America from going the way of all the other New World Order satellites.

This military technology which has been deployed yet denied throughout America is a direct attack on the people of the United States. Perhaps some aspects of the technology could be beneficial, but not in the hands of madmen, zealots, and little tin dictators. A measure of the advancement of this chemtrail active aurora technology can be see in the patent excerpt below. Bear in mind, this is unclassified and readily available information. One can only wonder at what is still classified and being used right along with this type of weaponry.

United States Patent 5,041,834
Koert August 20, 1991
Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted
This invention relates to generation of an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances. A tilt able AIM is created by a heater antenna controlled in phase and frequency. The heater antenna phase shift scans a beam to paint a plasma layer. Frequency is changed to refocus at continually higher altitudes to tilt the plasma layer...(See Appendix Q for entire patent).

Atmospheric Depletion As Weaponry

A lot of ENMOD is about heating the ground. This is done in a variety of ways: through Active Auroral plasmas where heat energy is actually produced by focusing vast amounts of sunlight on the ground with reflective plumes of particulate, as outlined in the HAARP patent, and also by selective atmospheric depletion, which was discovered early in the history of ionospheric heating experimentation. (5)

By heating portions of the Ionosphere, the heated area will then rise. This is used in many ENMOD operations because as the heated area rises, it draws air in from all sides, an effective atmospheric motion engine. If energy is increased or maintained by ionospheric heating with satellite, and/or phased array, a large portion of the atmosphere can literally be blown out into space. There are records of this happening in the early HAARP experiments, and since. It is thought that in extremis this would be a good way to clear radioactive clouds from the atmosphere. Like much of this technology, it could be beneficial, but so far has been employed by madmen intent on making themselves gods, who deny its existence, and use it for human experimentation and mass torture.

After these atmospheric depletion operations, literal holes in not just the ozone are created, but sometimes all the way through the atmosphere, down very near ground level in some instances. Many times these depletion events are heralded by UAV drones spraying dissipating trails in lines or other geometric forms: these are literal focii for satellite energies being used in conjunction with the phased array to heat portions of the atmosphere.

Replenishment of the atmosphere, even with artificial means, takes quite some time. During that interval vast amounts of solar radiation which would normally be filtered by the atmosphere is allowed to pour through this newly created hole, to irradiate the ground below. Some evidences within wildlife and flora have been noted to support this conclusion as well. It is a bona fide technique of ENMOD, and a death maker par excellence. This is the main way the ice caps are being melted, and global warming is just the cover story for that project which has been in the works since World War Two at least.

New Not Knew Not

The concept of auroral antennae are not new, and perhaps by the late 1980’s the Navy had finally begun to understand some of the stuff they microfilmed from Tesla's belongings after his death in 1943. That would help explain the relative technological lull in broadcast energy between then and now. More likely the Navy and those types have been studying real hard behind everyone's back, trying to figure ways in which to use the technology as a form of control. They did spend a lot of time getting the information, and they have also spent a lot of money in the last few decades doing...well, no one is quite sure exactly what they have been doing, but as they are made to show their hand a little at a time, some things are becoming evident, that's for sure.

According to the custodian at Alien Property storage where Tesla's records went after he died, the navy personnel (Some in uniforms) spent about a month photographing his papers. This report is entirely plausible, as Tesla had envisioned something very much like active auroral technology, supposedly inventing it on paper prior to his demise. Along those same lines, the drawings of his so called Death Ray are extremely similar to what are called phased array antennae, or phased array antennae farms.

Tesla had also envisioned an endothermic process whereby real time imagery could be viewed from a distance. Considering he was very adept in television technology, creating concepts for television long before the patented models happened, (He created the power supply that is still being used with Cathode Ray Tube TVs today) he definitely knew from whence he spoke. According to Tesla Specialist Tom Bearden of Huntsville Alabama:

"...Nikola Tesla planned a very special use for his endothermic scalar interferometer, he planned to produce what he called his "big eye to see at a distance. The system used to accomplish this is only weakly endothermic, so that only a small amount of energy is extracted from the distant target, also, the beams are "scanned" by an open receiver, timewise, from side to side and top to bottom. By scanning yet another single beam through the intersection zone and phasing its pulses, an even better representation can be obtained, thus the receiver produces a representation of the energy extracted from various locations within the distant endothermic zone, by displaying the received signals on an appropriately scanned screen, a representation of the distant scene can be created. This is a special kind of "microwave interferometry," and -- with modern techniques -- the imagery obtained can be surprisingly good..."

This has all been further developed and refined today as well. There is quite a lot of patent documentation and other information which shows these processes can actually monitor a human body much like a long range CAT scan, or even with MRI (Magnetic Resonance imaging) from a distance. Like most other aspects of this technology, these phenomena have been weaponized too: weak points in a human organism can be identified with a great degree of accuracy, then targeted for specific treatment/attack with beams, biotech or fields. The head is a prime target in these maneuvers, and if biotechnology has been used to create areas of injury or disease these will show up as areas to be targeted as well. See the patent abstract for inducing physical and mental reactions via resonant frequencies of the human organism, Appendix M.

As to endothermic systems, and their alternate types, the exothermic systems, Tesla specialist and modern avatar of infinite energy generation Tom Bearden explains these two phases of interferometry as two parts of one process, the magnitude of the results being dependent upon the amount of power employed during the operations.

Interferometry is the process of intersecting/superimposing two or more waves/beams of energy possessing different values so that a zone of interference/intersection is created at a specific target. Detection of the differences in the output energies of the interference zone will reveal details which are dependent on the actual reaction of the multiple beams/waves at the target, the magnitude of power used, and the sophistication of the equipment. At low power the interference zones caused by intersecting beams/waves draw (endothermic) or deliver (exothermic) very small amounts of energy which are used to construct imagery of the target for military purposes, up to and including the precise targeting of organisms with other energy types. Some of this targeting is used thus:

Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) is scientific and technical intelligence information obtained by quantitative and qualitative analysis of data (metric, angle, spatial, wavelength, time dependence, modulation, plasma, and hydromagnetic) derived from specific technical sensors for the purpose of identifying any distinctive features associated with the source, emitter, or sender and to facilitate subsequent identification and/or measurement of the same.

MASINT includes:
Radar Intelligence (RADINT)
Acoustic Intelligence (ACOUSTINT)
Nuclear Intelligence (NUCINT)
Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Pulse Intelligence (RF/EMPINT)
Electro-optical Intelligence (ELECTRO-OPTINT)
Laser Intelligence (LASINT)
Materials Intelligence
Unintentional Radiation Intelligence (RINT)
Chemical and Biological Intelligence (CBINT)
Directed Energy Weapons Intelligence (DEWINT)
Spectroscopic Intelligence
Infrared Intelligence (IRINT)

These eavesdropping technologies all utilize relatively small amounts of power in their deployment against small, individual targets.

Conversely, when macro power derived from full blown active auroral and TMT/Phased array operations is applied to these same processes, the potential for ENMOD is realized and has been actually employed in many instances during the last two decades. If the huge power sources generated by Active Auroral/TMT are used in endothermic interference operations, the zone of beam/wave confluence will shed vast amounts of energy, causing a literal cooling explosion where temperatures will quickly, within minutes, drop by many tens of degrees across the zone of interference. These zones can and do encompass square miles. This is utilized in Environmental Modification today.

The energy drawn from the zone manifests at the transmitter receiver of this operation and can then be redirected to a zone where energy is required, either for ENMOD, weaponry, or both. This is, more than anything, a redirecting of energy, whereby cooling/heating aspects are available for various purposes. If the transmitter/receivers happen to be of an Active Auroral nature, or utilize active auroras in their make-up, the heat produced can be used in other atmospheric operations, which include but are not limited to ionospheric heating.

Tesla's first earthquake machine was just a steel beam that was embedded in the concrete at the foundation of a building he was using as a laboratory in New York. He calculated the frequency necessary to accomplish a resonance through the Earth, then set up a trip hammer device run by an engine. The hammer struck the embedded beam at the correct frequency, and before the experiment was all over Nikola Tesla was shaking the whole neighborhood -- as the resonance gained power traveling through the molten core of the planet it rebounded from the other side of the planet with greater and greater force...soon the entire area surrounding his laboratory was vibrating in earthquake, and Tesla was forced to take a sledge hammer to the engine of his contraption to shut it down as quickly as possible. It was reported that over 10,000 (ten thousand) windows were broken across the city due this experiment. (6) Because there was no real mass communication at the time, it is no telling what was happening tectonically elsewhere in the world as a result of this. Later Tesla built giant antennae as the natural progression of this science, but lost funding before the final version could be employed in any meaningful or profitable way.

It is surmised that much of the middle east oil obtained by warfare in the middle east was not for use by Americans in their vehicles, but for antennae electricity to engage in this type of experimentation or literal environmental/behavior modification. The evidence for that mounts daily. This is also another reason the nuclear power is being developed as quickly as possible at this time.

Artificial resonance created via the Tesla Magnifying Transmitters (TMTs) within the ionospheric shell of our planet allow the operators massive amounts of energy to address many issues of ENMOD and other things, anywhere on the globe. As illustrated in the above reference to Nikola Tesla’s earthquake machine, this type of program also influences tectonic activity, and can be used as a weapon to create earthquakes or tsunamis, as well as gross and measurable tectonic based behavior modification. It is well known the lower animals react to tectonic activity, it is less well known how it effects humans, but rest assured we are even more susceptible to these alterations in our environment.

Along with the tectonic aspects of the TMT comes the applications of ultrasound. (7) These include but are not limited to the use of what is known as thermoacoustics. Thermoacoustics is the redirection of energy using acoustics, sound. One modern application of this is refrigeration. The popular ice cream makers Ben And Jerry were instrumental in developing an ultrasonic refrigeration system as a means to promote their ice cream and to bring this technology to the public eye. When employed via macro power sources such as phased array antennae used as TMTs, macro cooling effects across vast areas are possible.

Now Hear This

One of the main ways energy was used in directed energy weapon and behavior modification experimentation in the past, that is, before the advent of active auroral processes, was with sound. The point of all that experimental technology was to convey energy through the gaseous composition we call air, using sound waves. In fact, acoustic weapons are also called sound weapons, though most are basically frequency weapons. Frequency weapons make use of the bodies natural response to various electromagnetic stimuli. Very few acoustic weapons depend on raw energy in brute force. The proximity to the target which is necessary for something like that precludes most usefulness.

With the advent of microwaves and laser, along with other types of directable energies, many new weaponry applications were born. It was soon discovered that energy which is pulsed at certain frequencies can cause many different effects, especially when the various resonating frequencies of the human body are identified and exploited. Even levels of energy normally considered subliminal (Below conscious recognition) can be used to coerce people. The subliminal types of pulsed energies may be even more potent in their ability to create predictable behavior. This is a very important fact, as we will soon see during our review of electrogastrographics as reulting from some very distasteful frequency weaponry, and the effect of the digestive system on any given persons state of mind.

Atmospheric Lensing and Interference Patterns

Quantum Mechanics is the branch of physics dealing with the sub-atomic attributes of matter (Quanta). Classical physics is a flawed and innacurate construct, though this only becomes apparent at the subatomic level, where new rules for the behavior of matter have been discovered and are exploitable.

Quantum mechanics includes the precept that all matter is composed of elementary particles which sometimes behave as particles and sometimes as waves. This is known as the Wave/Particle Duality Principle of quantum mechanics, and it is this duality which begins to exhibits the inherent weirdness within quantum reality to the observer/experimenter . For instance, as far as broadcast energy is concerned, the lower frequencies tend to act more like waves, than particles, while higher frequencies usually possess the properties of particles more than waves. There are interpretations that also seem to relate particle characteristics to matter which exist below the subatomic level, and wave characteristics to the atomic level and above.

As particles these most basic forms of matter (So Far!) were first labeled Quanta, thus the name Quantum Mechanics, which most people have at least heard about today. Quantum physics makes use of the characteristics of the subatomic world to understand reality a little better, because at that level the rules of observable reality no longer hold true. Many unique, interesting, and valuable attributes of this matrix can be understood and exploited through the formulae of Quantum Mechanics. From the book “The Story Of The Laser”, by John M. Carroll:

“The big advance came with the discovery of quantum mechanics -- a discovery made quite independently by two investigators in the same year, 1925.
Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, arrived at his answers by working with the results of spectroscopic investigations and formulating them into a then new mathematical device called the matrix. His results were first called matrix mechanics.
An Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, came upon essentially the same result by another route. His work depended upon previous studies by a frenchman, Louis de Broglie. De Broglie answered once and for all the conundrum that still confuses some students: Is an electron a particle moving at high speed or is it a wave? De Broglie showed that any fast moving particle can be considered as a wave and that it is amenable to the same mathematical treatment as a wave is. Thus Schrodinger applied a probabilistic treatment to the classical wave equation and came out with an elegant mathematical formulation known as Schrodingers wave equation...when an electron drops from an outer ring to an inner ring within the makeup of a substance (whether that be from natural reasons or more likely artificial stimulation) it emits photons (energy)...similarly, when the electron moves from an inner ring to an out ring, it absorbs a certain quantum of energy...” (pgs 70-71)

When Quantum mechanics is studied and applied to the world at large, it quickly becomes evident that most of mankind's science up to and including atomic explanations are just a result of our inability to realistically observe the world. The human organism is not equipped to perceive true reality without first inventing the means to view reality at the subatomic levels. With the aid of machines and further experimentation, science has begun to augment normal abilities of observation, and this, more than anything else, is from whence the realization of Quantum phenomena is derived. The mathematics are plainly indicative, but up until the experiments were performed that could prove the theory, a lot of quantum mathematics was discarded as flawed. Einstein said that the more the theory was proved mathematically, the sillier it looked.

Early in the development of Quantum Physics many different experiments took place trying to prove and/or disprove the theory. Though very difficult to understand from the human perspective, even impossible to understand, Quantum Physics/Electrodynamics/Mechanics today is one of the most proven theories of all time. This science is utilized in all modern electronics, advanced optical solutions, ENMOD, broadcast electrical technologies and much more.

No one was ever able to actually envision a world described by the mathematical equations which represent Quantum theory.
Even Nobel Prize winners who had contributed to Quantum Theory had to admit they did not understand it. The closest science has come to visualizing the true reality proven by Quantum Physics was after a physicist named Hugh Everett propounded what has become known as the MANY WORLDS interpretation of Quantum Existence.

Basically Everett stated that our view of the universe was just a faulty interpretation resulting from the human condition, and that reality is composed of infinite dimensions, or universes, constantly evolving. Some are in very close proximity to our dimension, therefore very similar, while others, more distant, are less similar. These dimensions are infinite, and exist at all earlier times and all future times. There is not, per se, a universe, it only appears that way to us. In quantum reality there is a MULTIVERSE, an infinite number of universes, always forming and interconnected, of which this reality is but an aspect.

Also according to, and proven by Quantum Physics and the Many Worlds view of the multiverse: time is nothing like we perceive it to be, there really is no such thing as past and present, these only exist along our perceptual continuum, they are actually a result of our perspective in relation to our environment. All quantum equations and postulations work both forward and backward in time. This is an interesting datum, though it is only being used here to illustrate the true difference between what humans see as reality, and the actuality. The true role of the human organism as author/creator/replicant within the multiverse has yet to be fully or even partially realized, though some are making headway. That is, most definitely, another story anyway.

Light Is The Key

As already mentioned, there has never been an experiment or
happenstance to refute the Multiverse view of reality, and there is actually a famous experiment which PROVES the existence of the multiverse, wherein various numbers of slots in a piece of cardboard have a light shined through them -- preferably coherent light (Laser) but not entirely necessary -- with extremely odd results, not what you would imagine or consider to be common sense.

Light shined through one slot in a board produces a white bar on a wall opposite the opening, but two slots produce a whole series of bars of light, then if the light is shined behind FOUR slots, you get half as many bars of light as you did with two! Easily repeatable and this information can be found in many places.

Finally, it was argued that the oddity of the bars of light produced from shining a light through various slots in a board was possibly an artifact of the properties of light within this universe, but not only was that disproven, but this unexpected and very odd behavior was repeated under extremely controlled circumstances where one single photon (A Quanta, or subatomic particle of electromagnetically radiated matter, ie. light) at a time was shot at the various arrangement of slots over a few hours time. The exact same patterning and anomalies were exhibited under these controlled circumstances, to the consternation of many.

The anomalous way the light shows through a series of slots in a board is called the INTERFERENCE PATTERN, and the only thing that explains it perfectly is Everetts Multiverse interpretation of the Quantum world, because even though we cannot see it happening, light energy here is constantly being interfered with, and INTERFERING with, other light energy of the neighboring dimensions. (8) If performed correctly this interaction may actually draw energy from the other dimensions, and this is probably why some people have reported what is termed Over Unity results from certain experimentations. Over Unity means they get more energy out of an experiment than was put in. This is, perhaps, because they are not truly aware of the actual energy available to the mechanic operating within the Quantum realm.

The reason any of this is being explained is because the same type of interference, and results, can be obtained at the macro quantum level, using shapes and forms as engines of quantum reality. This is being exploited elsewhere now, such as through the use of self-assembling quantum dots and the subatomic shapes used to manipulate them. (9)

The next time you see straight lines in the sky think of the above Quantum light experiment proving the multiverse: the experiment of parallel slots cut in paper, then remember what has just been discussed, and understand that these are gigantic energy experiments whose overall outputs make nuclear bombs appear to be firecrackers and children's toys. Notice in the abstract below from 1978 the reference to chemical plasmas (Barium) in relation to nuclear bomb simulations:

AD Number: ADA072167

Title: Radio Communication Utilizing the Base of a Striated Barium Plasma.
Descriptive Note: Topical rept. Apr-Jul 78, Personal Authors: Fulks,G. J.;Scott,L. D.;Sowle,D. H.;Wortman,W. R.; Report Date: JUL 1978 Pages: 43 PAGES Report Number: MRC-R-401-R Contract Number: DNA001-78-C-0237 Project Number: S99QAXH TASKNUMBER: B053 Monitor Acronym: DNA,SBI Monitor Series: 4670T,AD-E300 465
Descriptors: *RADIO TRANSMISSION, *STRIATIONS, NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, HIGH FREQUENCY, PLASMAS(PHYSICS), REFLECTION, NUCLEAR EXPLOSION SIMULATION, CROSS SECTIONS, HIGH ALTITUDE, NUCLEAR CLOUDS, COMMUNICATION AND RADIO SYSTEMS, RADIO SIGNALS, BARIUM, BOTTOM, RADIO RECEPTION. Identifiers: Avefria operations, Barium clouds, Cloud bases, Base reflection, PE62704H, WU09 Abstract: In conjunction with the DNA barium releases, Avefria I and II, an experiment was undertaken to determine if radio communication was possible off the base of a striated plasma created by these barium releases....
Limitation Code: APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Source Code: 406548 from:

The actual evidence we can see of this technology being used on a macro scale are the many trails of particulate sprayed in the sky daily throughout the world, also mentioned in Eastlunds patents as well as many others. The plumes are used for many things, in many ways, because they are expensive and the world bank thinks it has figured a way to put Americans in debt forever with this breach of trust and common sense. A large number of the quantum techniques and properties are definitely used in conjunction with ENMOD techniques evident everywhere in the sky for the last 7 years at least. A few indicative patents concerning the above: "Columnar Focal Lense" is a structureless, vertical, gas plasma column with a gas plasma lense at the end of it. [5,900,986]   The Navy has a "Horizontal Plasma Antenna Using Plasma Drift Currents" patent. [6,118,407]   These are not the only patents in this area. A more recent Navy patent is "Standing Wave Plasma Antenna with Plasma Reflector." [6,046,705]

This is the energy being used on you in many esoteric and unhealthy ways. Many of the forms and geometries being created in the sky also possess macro lensing/focusing properties, as stated in the HAARP patent, and evident in certain well known though novel lensing configurations, such as the Fresnel lense, whose main attribute in today's world happens to be the concentration of sunlight for solar power.

Tom Who?

One of the premier uses of Active Auroral broadcast technology is the ability to place a 3 dimensional electrical field almost anywhere and then manipulate that field with a high degree of accuracy (See appendix D -- HAARP Patent in entirety). This allows many other operations to be performed, including many different types of tomography, an invisible but invasive electrical imaging procedure where an object or body is viewed and imaged in sections. The imaging obtained from these operations is exceptional in quality and detail, and it is surmised that this is even moreso when high powered electrical fields such as are available by generating and electrifying an active aurora become manifest. There are many different types of tomography, whereby 3d imagery is obtained and stored in a computer, so that digital geometry processing can then be used to generate extremely detailed images of the inside of an object. The main differences between the various types of tomography are attributable to the energy source being used to do the scanning.

One type of tomography is called Earth Penetrating Tomography, and utilizes as its power source: gamma rays (SPECT), electron/positron annihilation (PET), nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), ultrasound (ultrasonagraphy), electrons (3D TEM), and ions (Atom Probe).

The similarity of these types of scanning technologies and procedures, with energy types known to be producable by active auroral means, leads the researcher to conclusions beyond doubt that some of the active auroras possess mind control applications at least applicable to the production of pain and discomfort in highly variable degrees. Further research along these lines, with eventual declassifications of military control technologies in the future will bear this out even further.

From an advertisement for ImpSar technology:
“Impulse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ImpSar) Technology:
Eureka Aerospace is developing a "through-the-wall" imaging system capable of "seeing" through walls such as drywall, wooden wall, concrete wall and brick wall, using extremely high-resolution transient Impulse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ImpSAR) system. The system is capable of remotely imaging targets such as man, weapons, file cabinets, tables etc. on the "other" side of the wall, at large standoff distance.
The ImpSAR operates in a transient, impulse radar regime, where extremely short pulses (approximately 100 ps) having extremely large bandwidth (approximately 3.5 GHz) are radiated using a special impulse radiating antenna (IRA). The presence of the microwave energies in the 250-3500 MHz frequency range, together with the very narrow pulsewidth, assures adequate penetration through walls and high resolution of microwave images (in the order of 5 cm in both range and cross-range directions).”

All of these sciences are easily adaptable to high power operations via Active Auroral Technologies. (10)

Electro What?

Many people believe their thoughts to be inviolate, with any reference to mind control, either electronic or otherwise, firmly placed within the realm of the ridiculous. Actual voice to skull mind control, or imagery and words inserted into someones mind, possess a strong science fiction flavor to most people too. Experimenters in mind control, such as many of the Nazi doctors who entered this country under Project Paperclip, understand this basic though erroneous precept of the mass, and have used it at length to hide their real successes in Mind Control.

It is well known by most people that human thought processes are tied directly to human emotions. We are very emotional creatures, and most of that stems from the instinct of fear which is a prime template overlying humanities self-preservation software.

Human emotions themselves are directly tied to ones physical condition, and everyone is familiar with this. A person performs below optimum levels during periods of pain or dis-ease, with various types of illness or pain causing different behavior, and in varying levels too, usually in direct proportion to the pain or dis-ease. Because thought processes are heavily effected by emotions, and emotions are most times directly related to pain and/or dis-ease (Health), we can postulate that the ability to cause pain or disease is also the ability to directly effect how people think.

That is true mind control, and it is much easier to achieve than directly inserting images or words into a persons head, or by attempting to coerce the person with violent means or deprivation or what have you. When a subject becomes sensitized to certain types of pain or dis-ease that are artificially created, especially if the subject is unaware of being tortured in this manner, they will act in predictable ways that quickly manifest as a true spectrum of behavior, so that this literal and real mind control becomes inseparable from their natural psyche, undetected and undetectable.

Again: the ability to cause pain, whether it be joint pain, tooth pain, gastric distress, exacerbation of existing conditions, eruption of old injuries, the inability to heal, and more, is also the ability to at least semi-control a persons behavior. It is not a coincidence that a lot of broadcast technology and biotech has been weaponized for just these purposes (See the Army's Patented Mycoplasma weaponry in the appendix for one example of this weaponry). This will be reviewed in greater detail later on, but for now, a good beginning toward understanding this type of coercion will occur by studying a well hidden but very real electrical phenomenon of the human body which is being used to form peoples behavior in extremely effective ways.

The human body possesses electrical characteristics. That means that actual voltages and currents are measurable in any living entity, and also these operations possess varying frequencies which are easily disrupted by over riding frequencies of greater amplitude, meaning of greater power. One very important bodily system which is quite electric in nature is that of the gastric system, the processing of food and its elimination. (11)

The human gastric system is so electrical in nature that its overall activity and health can be measured cutaneously, with sensors on the skin in the general vicinity of the intestines and stomach. This science of determining gastric health via measurements of the electrical activity of the stomach and bowels is called electrogastrographics, or electrogastrography. This science has been around a long time, but is relatively unknown, as if it has been buried for purposes unknown. During the researching of this book, approximately 3 years ago, there was only one reference to this science available on the internet. Though the database has grown somewhat since then, it remains highly specialized and unknown, even though (Or especially because) a lot of wireless and broadcast technologies are known to cause gastric distress such as chronic acid reflux, diarrhea, chronic constipation, gall bladder disorders, and more, depending on the subjects proximity to the energy source, and what kind of energy is being broadcast.

Here is a list of some books concerning the earlier works in electrogastrography, illustrating the fact that the electrical activities of the stomach have been known for quite some time, and may actually be intrinsic to behavior modification via electrical manipulation from outside:

1. Alvarez W. C. Differences in rhythmicity and tone in different parts of the wall of the stomach. Am. J. Physiol., 11:585-91, 1916.

2. Alvarez W. C. New methods of studying gastric peristalsis. JAMA, 79(16):1281-85, 1922.

3. Alvarez W. C. The electrogastrogram and what it shows. JAMA, 78(15):1116-18, 1922.

4. Alvarez W. C. and Mahoney L. J. Action current in stomach and intestine. Am. J. Physiol., 58(3):477-82, 1922.

5. Alvarez W. C. and Mahoney L. J. The relations between gastric and duodenal peristalsis. Am. J. Physiol., 64(2):371-76, 1923.

6. Luckhard A. B., Phillips H. T., Contributions to the physiolgy of the stomach. Am. J. Physiol., 50:57-62, 1919.

7. Richter C. P. Action currents from the stomach. Am. J. Physiol., 67:612-33, 1924.

8. Klein E. Gastric motility. Arch. Surg., 12:571-75, 1926.

This information about electrogastrography is important to understand, because control of the stomach and its processes are a very real and insidious form of mind control, tying into the use of many weapons which are called...drumroll...FREQUENCY WEAPONS! Bada-Bing. Handheld or overfly versions of Frequency Weapons are being used by operatives of the secret police here in America, in much the same way they were used by their original developers, the KGB and its satellites, in Soviet Russia during the 70's and 80's. These weapons are being used to override the human bodies normal functions, causing untreatable damage and even death. Below is one patent concerning a frequency weapon which even mentions disruption of the gastrointestinal process, sudden loose stool, stomach irregularities, and more. How many of these symptoms have YOU had in the last 8 years, or seen in others? When applied to entire cities or even larger populations via active auroral antennae technologies, all the symptoms are intensified and broadened in their scope.

United States Patent 5,800,481
Loos September 1, 1998
Inventors: Loos; Hendricus G. (3019 Cresta Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)
Appl. No.: 580346
Filed: December 28, 1995
Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
In man, autonomic and cortical resonances of the nervous system can be excited by inducing subliminal heat pulses in the skin by means of a resistive heat patch, laser, heat lamp, or microwave radiation, or through a slow air jet that carries a small periodic fluctuation in temperature. Deeply subliminal skin temperature oscillations of frequency near 1/2 Hz induced in a subject by any of these means cause sleepiness, drowziness,
relaxation, a tonic smile, ptosis of the eyelids, a tense feeling, sudden loose stool, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise pulse frequency used. For certain higher frequencies, the induced subliminal skin temperature oscillations cause fractured thought and a slowing of certain cortical processes....There is further application in the form of nonlethal weapons, involving a pulsed infrared laser or a pulsed microwave beam, tuned to a sensory resonance pulse frequency.... The narrowness
of the band of effective frequencies is suggestive of a resonance, and the phenomenon is therefore called "the 1/2 Hz sensory resonance". The resonance can be excited through the sense of balance, as we know from "rocking the baby" or relaxing in a rocking chair. But the resonance can also be excited by physical means other than motion, such as externally generated weak electric and magnetic fields...Since the resonances are excited through the senses and involve the autonomic nervous system, they are called "autonomic sensory resonances". Experiments have shown that, for the mentioned responses to occur, the amplitude of the skin temperature oscillations must fall in a rather restricted range, called the effective intensity window. Further experimentation has shown the existence of resonances at higher frequencies. These resonances appear to involve cortical processes and are therefore called "cortical sensory resonances"...The cortical sensory resonances cause a slowing of certain cortical processes. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to heat pulses near 2.4 Hz can cause mental states that may be characterized as "fractured thought". ...Radiative induction may be achieved by a pulsed heat lamp, a chopped heat lamp beam, a keyed laser beam, or by pulsed microwave radiation...These discoveries open the way for influencing the nervous system of a
subject by delivering weak heat pulses to the subject's skin.

Nano Nano

Nanotechnology is something that everyone needs to know about. Many materials take on new and very odd properties when they become powdered, and the smaller the size of the particles within this powder, the more pervasive and fluctuating does the nature of a material become.

Nanotechnology is said to be, if not a total control over the structure of matter, at least a much better control of it. There are many beneficial aspects to a lot of new technology, and nanotechnology is no exception. The main problem the world faces today is that insanity of real and measurable type has permeated all the governments throughout the world, and a lot of the insanity is greed based, with a strong military presence created as a means to perpetuating this never ending hunger.

Many well known physicists and other scientists have stated that nanotechnology is the next step up in our ability to manipulate matter, and will herald a new age. Minute computers of vast power will be created, along with huge advances in medical treatments, and much more. Well and good, though it has already been witnessed that when used in conjunction with certain other technologies, nanotech inherits some sinister aspects that were not expected, or were hidden well by people doing the experimentations.

For instance, nanotechnologies and the processing thereof include plans for micro machines called assemblers, which will be used by computers and in reaction type situations, whose purpose is to literally assemble atomic and molecular substances one piece at a time. They will also be able to assemble themselves, meaning they will be able to replicate. There is a possibility, at this level, of runaway reactions. Some scientists say it could be the literal undoing of all biological matter into what has been called a gray goo, that is the Gray Goo Scenario. That may be an alarmist outlook, or not. When considered against some of the irresponsible actions being perpetrated as Environmental Modification, along with the present day problems already created by that decade long experiment (the looming spectre of world starvation could become a reality because of it) one can only wonder what the true results of nanotechnology might really be. At this point it is worth noting that one of the early experiments in electronic Artificial Intelligence involved code self-replication within computer memory, and these became the first computer viruses, which, as most people know, have evolved into many different things and caused a great deal of damage since their inception. (12)

Nanotechnological processes are also behind the powdering of substances that are being sprayed in the skies to create active auroras for various and generally nefarious purposes. The ability to powder a substance down nearer its molecular level facilitates its degradation/ionization under conditions of solar bombardment. Some of the active auroras being used to irradiate the ground and its organisms (That's you) with various forms of electromagnetic energy are created with substances like these. Too, there is rumor of secret military technology using what are called nano-orbs. These orbs are sprayed across an enemy area to permeate/inundate, that area. These Nano-orbs have unique capabilities, in that they cling invisibly to mucous membranes like the eyes, and will remain in place indefinitely. They are also tunable by classified technologies, such as those possessed by Time Domain Corporation of Huntsville Alabama. These are exterior sprayable implants, and are inescapable. Everyone in the area of their deployment becomes possessed of a unique electronic signature. The operators of the long range eavesdropping technology can tune anything alive in, seeing what they see, with great clarity, at any time. As evidenced by the following PDF abstract concerning military research in "Radio-Labled Microspheres" this concept is already in place within the medical industry. Further extrapolation then becomes much less like science fiction, and much more like reality:

Inhalable Radio Labeled Microspheres Journal of Applied Toxicology ... Volume 6, Issue 2 , Pages 113 - 119 Published Online: 11 Jan 2006...Measurement of the deposition and clearance of inhaled Radio-labeled microspheres ... File Format: PDF...EXPERIMENTAL. Radiolabeled microspheres...Polystyrene latex (PSL) microspheres labeled with a. tightly bound W r isotope... of the deposition and clearance of inhaled radiolabeled particles from rat lungs...Paul E. Newton , Chris Pfledderer Department of Community and Environmental Medicine, University of California, Irvine, Toxic Hazards Research Unit, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433, USA

When used in conjunction with biotechnology (Biotech) Nanotech also possesses benefits and detriments. The well publicized anthrax attacks were dependent on an advanced electrostatic powder which facilitated the explosion of spores when an envelope was opened, causing the recipient to actually inhale the anthrax which killed five people. The criminals behind that military grade anthrax and its highly technological delivery system have never been found.

As with most technology, nanotech has and will continue to be weaponized by the forces of control and fascism.



Biotech has become a tool of fascism as well. It is being used to create biological weapons and drugs which are then employed to control people. Many of the powdered substances which are being sprayed in the skies contain biological materials, as numerous studies have shown. It is this authors observation and opinion that at least some of the biological materials being detected in these sprayed chemical trails are actually powdered medical wastes. Others may in fact be inoculations or just plain human experimentation.

The new global taxation scheme which the world elite and their appointee here are trying to institute utilizes the need for so-called carbon sequestration as one excuse for their new world order, and the attendant taxation state. This ludicrous and ridiculous scenario is also an excuse for a lot of the chemical spraying being done in the words skies daily, since 911. It is stated openly within this scenario that the reason carbon sequestration is needed hinges largely on the fact that many of the worlds forests have been wantonly destroyed. It is the goal of these tax men to now replant the world, but with Genetically Modified (GM) trees. It is almost as if the destruction occurred so that these closed ended systems could then be implemented. Where ever genetically modified products can replace a natural product, expect those natural products to be attacked with eradication in mind, so that total control of food and water and the environment in general is obtained by those who need to control, whether it be to make themselves feel superior, or for profit, or for other reasons unfathomable.

The weaponization of biotech is a major goal among the worlds military, especially in America, as witnessed by the below statements taken from the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) document entitled “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” (Appendix R):

"Although it may take several decades for the process of transformation to unfold, in time, the art of warfare on air, land, and sea will be vastly different than it is today, and "combat" likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, "cyber-space," and perhaps the world of microbes." - pg. 60

"...Advanced forms of biological warfare that can "target" specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." - pg. 60

Finally, like the Schumann Resonance (The natural resonant energy created by standing waves in the ionospheric shell) it appears for all the world that the madmen and greed mavens within the government, along with their end-times excuses, are doing everything possible to remove inherent structures here on Earth that have developed over many millennia, in an attempt to recreate things in their own image and likeness.

Gray Goo Indeed.


(1)Near ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave, radio waves, low frequency RF and static fields are all examples of non-ionizing radiation. Visible and near ultraviolet may induce photochemical reactions, ionize some molecules or accelerate radical reactions, such as photochemical aging of varnishes[4] or the breakdown of flavoring compounds in beer to produce the 'lightstruck flavor'.[5] The light from the Sun that reaches the earth is largely composed of non-ionizing radiation, with the notable exception of some ultraviolet rays. However, most ionizing radiation is filtered out by the atmosphere (see Earth's atmosphere). Static fields do not radiate. wikipedia

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(3)Barium Intoxication
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(4)Biological materials in chemtrails

ionospheric depletion
this is just one of the earliest examples of this experimentation...many experiments have been noted along thes lines in Alaska as well (Dan Eden). This is now well developed and weaponized as a technique for ground irradiation, dehydration, more.

A Large-Scale Ionospheric Depletion By Intense Radio Wave Heating
A Large-Scale Ionospheric Depletion By Intense Radio Wave Heating
J. W. Wright
British Antarctic Survey
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Max-Planck Institut für Aeronomie
A large (100 km N/S), stable, smoothly-structured and significant depletion (15% in number density) of the daytime Tromsø F-region was produced inadvertently during a Heater polarisation and beam-forming procedure. We show that the depletion coincided with the passage of an atmospheric gravity wave of natural origin which served as a large-scale 'seed' depletion for the self-focussing instability.
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View Full Text (PDF, 965 KB)=A0
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New and Future Technology

Optical Time-Domain Eavesdropping

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A microwave plasma generator for producing an axisymmetric plasma, having a waveguide apparatus, means for introducing a microwave source into the waveguide apparatus, and means for generating a circular axisymmetric microwave field from the microwave source.


Microwave fields and beams

Beams as DEW (Directe Energy Weaponry)

science pertaining to electro-gastric weapons of mind control:
Low Frequency Noise
A product of a damaged mind sometime in the 1960's, it was found that if you pumped low frequency sound at a crowd, in this case unruly college students, you could get all sorts of interesting results. The slightly queasy feeling you get at a parade when the band goes by and the big drum gets hit led to experiments which soon discovered that sound at around 12 Hertz (12 beats per second) would send the human bowels into overdrive...

United States Patent 5,800,481
Loos September 1, 1998
Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
In man, autonomic and cortical resonances of the nervous system can be
excited by inducing subliminal heat pulses in the skin by means of a
resistive heat patch, laser, heat lamp, or microwave radiation, or through a slow air jet that carries a small periodic fluctuation in temperature.
Deeply subliminal skin temperature oscillations of frequency near 1/2 Hz
induced in a subject by any of these means cause sleepiness, drowziness,
relaxation, a tonic smile, ptosis of the eyelids, a tense feeling, sudden
loose stool, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise pulse frequency
used. For certain higher frequencies, the induced subliminal skin
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electrogastrography; gastric motility; gastric emptying stomach

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J. D. Z. Chen1, Xiaoping Zou1, Xuemei Lin1, Shou Ouyang2, and Jie Liang1
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APPROPRIATE PROPAGATION of gastric contractions or antroduodenal coordination is of great importance to the emptying of the stomach. It is known that gastric motility is regulated by gastric myoelectrical activity that consists of gastric slow waves and spike or second potentials. Spike or second potentials are superimposed on gastric slow waves and are directly associated with gastric contractions. The gastric slow wave determines the propagation and maximum frequency of gastric contractions. It is originated in the proximal part of the stomach and propagates distally toward the pylorus with increasing velocity and amplitude. The normal frequency of the gastric slow wave is 3 cycles/min (cpm) in healthy humans. Abnormalities in the frequency of the gastric slow wave have been reported in a number of clinical settings and have been associated with gastric motor disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms (... 19, 20).

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increasing international cooperation on energy issues and improving energy policy coordination.
For more information on S.193, contact Rebecca Brown at, or 202-546-3950 ext.
105, or Don Kraus at or 202-546-3950 ext. 103.

House Resolution 6


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