Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fascist greed: a definition

here it is: the fascists of america, like the bush crime family and the halliburton freaks, are too cheap to pay americans a living wage with good benefits, because they believe greed is good, so they ship all the jobs overseas, along with all the equipment, R&D and know-how bought and paid for by the working class here, then create wars to boost this pathetic thing they call an economy so that they may avail themselves of the only cheap labor available here, the military, which they of course need regularlyu to get the populace overseas in line whenever they do not want to work for dirt wages and no benefits anymore. these lying zionists teach that internationalism is good, but thats only because it fuels their fascist behavior and lifestyles, allowing all this type of idiocy to transpire on a regular basis. America needs to bring its troops home and protect itself and rebuild itself, and let the rest of the world especially israel worry about itself

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