Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pictures of The Sky Above The Seffner Sinkhole Day One

These pictures were taken by me looking East and from just north of Brandon high school, in Brandon on the morning of the Seffner sinkhole...these undulating forms are unnatural and sometimes signal the release of tectonic energy from the ground...the chem trailing for the week prior to this happenstance was fast and furious, very bad even by central Florida standards, and was noted publicly by me at facebook...I had no idea there was a sinkhole happening, I just photograph ENMOD ops whenever they happen...these artificial unudulatus forms dissipated shortly after I photographed them, as the sun rose, but were probably there all night...three sheriffs office vehicles sped by my somewhat secluded location as I photographed this btw and fyi...the sinkhole, like many since jeb bush was governor, is a byproduct of heavy ENMOD operations over Florida for over a decade now...there is agreement among the investigators of police crime here outside of tampa, which is a hotbed of that kind of thing, that this is an op to promote and sell sinkhole insurance.....corrupt law enforcement is rampant here, starting with sheriff david geek, and this activity also includes investigation of the bush crime family, ....these police state scum never stop trying to feather their nests....b

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