Monday, September 13, 2010

And, Ultimately, Into Evidence...

Unlocking a mobile phone's hidden history: forensic tool reveals web
cache evidence

CCL-Forensics has developed a “pioneering digital forensic technique”
that interprets and presents web browsing history on even the most
basic handsets. Brian Sims reports.

Mobile phones have always been a rich source of forensic evidence in
criminal investigations but, until now, there has been a level of
evidence which investigators have been missing out on.

Developers at CCL-Forensics have taken a major step forward in
addressing this problem by devising a technique to interpret and
present a phone’s web cache files, showing a subject’s internet
history and activity.

Many phone forensic tools may extract these files, but will do little
or nothing to interpret them or present the investigator with the
potentially vital evidence they contain.

Mobile Web Cache Toolkit
That being the case, CCL-Forensics has created the MWCT (Mobile Web
Cache Toolkit) which can be used in-house during investigations to
support the work of the police service and other law enforcement

It allows the company’s digital analysts to carry out an in-depth
investigation into the phone’s usage and enhances the basic
information (calls, text messages, deleted data) extracted during a
typical forensic analysis.

This valuable data could be deleted, and is often extracted during the
acquisition process. MWCT turns this raw data into useful information
(and, ultimately, into evidence)....FULL ARTICLE AT LINK

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ericswan said...

And of course, any pics taken with a phone, records the exact location the pic was taken in the data stream.