Monday, September 13, 2010

Fox Sux

The propagandists at fox news have been able to sway opinion for so long, with their misinformation and outright lying, that they now think, just because they say something is so, it will be.  I think they have lost touch with the actual damage their boy george did to America, and how many people, even a majority of people, will never forget that.  Totally.  The number one enemy of America today is rupert murdoch, and his little band of toadies.

The people who lost their retirements, the people who were backstabbed for profit, the people who have lost their jobs, the people who have been experimented on with the military next door...we have all realized one thing above all:  the idiots of the republican party are not innovators, creative thinkers, or even hard workers:  they cannot keep an economy running without WAR and a POLICE STATE, that is their modus operandi, and the way I feel about it?  They SUCK.  And I Am Not Alone.

All these bushites and war mongering born-agains-for-george seem to have developed a case of amnesia par excellence...they rail against Obamas vacation and accuse him of grandstanding for the press....those are just fox-lies when all the facts are assembled.  George took a MONTH LONG vacation just prior to 911, in what seems, in retrospect to be an escape from certain security people who were warning him against an imminent attack.  George used his murkan down-hominess, well developed in Texas, to overcome any objections by the press...he not only pleaded ignorance, he was ignorant, or put on a real good show of it.  The fox news people and their audience just lapped it up.  

The tea party people are more bush fans, albeit in the closet, and they are nothing so much as a collective geriatric ward, clutching their paper money in their well manicured and wrinkled fists, while the working class continues to provide them with dividends and retirement schemes seemingly immune to the predations of their own party.

Even the people who have the most to lose from republican predation are against the party of the working people, and this is probably because their churches are using influence to sway those people to what they believe is conservatism, but is actually a distinct form of organized crime, empowered by a police state.  Religion takes advantage of Americans inherent good nature, and they are very good at it.  they are behind the spraying in the skies which is a massive pacification program and selective depopulation plan.

All the idiotic lord-loving drones of Amerikkkas police state can talk right out the sides of their mouths, but the actions of their candidates speak much more loudly than their words.  The republicans believe in public torture and deprivation.  They worship lords and KINGS!  Get it?   They believe in taking from the poor and giving to the rich.  They use religion to do this, and both those institutions have become distinctly, even openly,  un-American, although those two institutions, republicanism and religion, have done everything possible to foster stupidity here in the land of the slaves and home of the pee, thereby securing their hold on the collective psyche with their main tools of fear and theft.  These insurance selling mobsters are not Americans, and neither is their foul God.

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