Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The REAL Reason For The Lines In The Sky

As outlined in my book Devilvision, one of the main goals of ENMOD is (and has been since the 50's) the melting of the ice caps....the recent and frenetic release of news like this below indicates that even the dull witted drones who haven't picked up a book in years may be stirring from their torpor, even starting to look up at the sky, and realizing something is not quite right...the deformation of the plants and animals, the odd sicknesses and the 1000's of prescription drugs, the heat waves, the ultra-frigid winters, all this talk about lack of drinking water...wellllll...all they must do now is realize who is behind this crime against them...and they need look no farther than their churches. Perhaps they will awaken one day, and just turn off their TV sets. Perhaps they will get the invaders out, out of their houses, out of their minds, out of their currencies...we can hope.

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