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A Question Of When....

The law is tax enforcement, and they want you...and the evidence on your computer (Which they may have put there, but what the hey, hey?)

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November 1-2, 2010
Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA
Why is Computer Forensics Important?
By most estimates, 90% of legal evidence resides in computer systems, rather than on paper.
For some companies, it is not a question if one of their computers will be used as evidence in a legal matter; it is a question of when.
The Computer Forensics Show, November 1-2, 2010 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA is the don't miss event of the year for all
IT Security, Legal, Accounting, Risk Management,
Executive and Law Enforcement Professionals
Computer Forensics is widely used in prosecutors' offices, law firms, consulting firms, police departments, law enforcement organizations, Immigration and Naturalization Services, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U.S. Customs Service, among numerous other industries. Corporate IT, Law Enforcement and Information Security Pros are often required to perform computer forensics activities on their jobs.
For individuals and companies currently not familiar with computer forensics, The Computer Forensics Show will address issues that your organization needs to be aware of and to help you prepare to deal with potential problem areas that may dramatically impact your bottom line.
**CPE & CLP credits will be available. Please see session descriptions at the end of this e-mail.
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InfoSec Institute Course:

Computer Forensics CCFE Boot Camp

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Center for Security and Emergency Management Courses:

Accelerated Certified Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialist (CCIPS)
Introduction to Terrorism
Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Mission of Law Enforcement
Identity Theft-Fraudulent Documents
Introduction to Security Disciplines
Potential Terrorist Targets
Prevention of Terrorist Attack against a Facility
Cyber Terrorism -Security
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**We are in the process of updating our conference schedule and presentations. Check our website for continuing conference updates!
There Are Six Main Tracks in the Conference:
Forensic Accounting - Fraud, Financial Investigations, Compliance, Best Practices, Litigation. Forensic accounting is the number one growing field in accounting today.
Legal (A) - EDD, including Litigation and Best Practice Issues.
Legal (B) - Emerging Technologies/Litigation, Data/Records Management, Reporting, and Privacy.
IT Security - For organizations that are just beginning to encounter security issues and deals with more broad issues effecting organizations today.
IT Security Advanced Track - Encompasses more complex and in-depth issues and can highlight the need for additional training.
Cyber-crime, Terrorism, and Information Warfare Track - Cyber crime and terrorism as it relates to Homeland Security, public and corporate policy, risk management, and the protection of our nation's critical infrastructures.
Presentation Descriptions and Presenters:
Avoiding E-Discovery Landmines
Eric J. Sinrod - Partner, Duane Morris LLP
Cost-Effective E-Discovery Processes
Herbert L. Roitblat, Ph.D. - Electronic Discovery Institute, OrcaTec LLC
Compliance in the Cloud and the Implications on E-Discovery
Dean Gonsowski, VP e-discovery services, Clearwell Systems
PANEL: Corporate Perspectives on eDiscovery and Computer Forensics
Julie Lewis - President & CEO, Digital Mountain, Inc. / TBA
KPMG PANEL: E-Discovery - Smart Ways to Save Litigation Cost
Rick Nalle - Director; Namrata Choudhury - Manager, KPMG LLP
EDD - Cross Border (US & Canada Issues
Cliff Shnier, ESQ - President of esi Specialists Inc.
Textual Relations: Text Messages and the Law
Joshua Gilliland - Professional Development Manage, d4discovery
Electronic Discovery "Train Wrecks"
Bill Gallivan, GGO
Conservation of Energy Tools and Techniques for Discovery
IPRO Corporation
TBA(new session) John Munro – General Manager eDiscovery Expert; Mike Gutierrez
Forensics Practice Leader of Orange Legal Technologies
Social Networking Forensics
Mike McGowan – Director of Digital Forensics at Stroz Friedberg, LLC
Ediscovery Project Budgeting
Victoria Edelman, JD – Director of Training & Product Consultant at
IConect Development
Sharepoint – the eDiscovery Blindspot
Jake Frazier, MBA, Esq. – Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group
How Advances in Modern Electronic Discovery Practice are Changing
Commonly Held Notions About Conflicts of Interest
Michael Glick - Vice President at Encore Discovery Solutions
The Physics of Digital Information and Its Applications to Digital Forensics
Dr. Fred Cohen - CEO and President of Fred Cohen & Associates and California Sciences Institute
Textual Relations: Text Messages and the Law
Joshua Gilliland - Professional Development Manager, d4discovery

PANEL: Legal Technology and Cost Management
Bruce Furukawa, Esq. - Severson & Werso; Shamir B. Colloff - Chief Technology Officer, Evolve Discovery

Image Acquisitions: Tips & Techniques
Richard Cheng – Senior Manager, Computer Forensics & Electronic
Discovery, SFL Data

Cloud Number 9: Cloud Computing from a Forensic IT Investigators Perspective
Matt van der Wel - Manager, Investigative Response, EMEA of Verizon Business

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
David Allen - Senior Security Consultant at Pervasive Networks

Security of Confidential Information and Intellectual Property
Ernesto F. Rojas CISSP, DFCP, DABRI, FACFE – President & CEO of Forensic & Security Services, Inc.

Applying NIST to Address Compliance Mandates
Uday ‘Ali' Pabrai - CEO of ECFIRST

Intelligent Autonomic Agent Technology in IT Security and Forensics
Tony Gigliotti - Founder & CEO of Autonomic Software, Inc.

The Compliance Elephant: Attacking Compliance One Bite at a Time
Tim Erlin - Principal Product Manager at nCircle

Overcoming Your Biggest Threat – Network Complexity

Mark Boltz – Senior Solutions Architect at Stonesoft

What Network Testing, Or Lack Thereof, Can Tell A Computer
Mike Hamilton - Director of Sales/Systems Engineering at BreakingPoint System

Securing Communication in an Insecure World
Andrew Wyatt - Chief Operating Officer of Clearswift

Anatomy of a Database Attack
Josh Shaul - VP Product Management of Application Security, Inc.

Mobile Phone Seizure Certification-MPSC (Parts I, II & III)
Pamela King BK Forensics

What Does ‘ Trusted Identity’ mean and what will it do for me?
Gerard Gagliano – CEO & President of Prodentity

Data Breaches: Paths and Prevention
Kevin Nibler - Senior Manager, Security and Audit Services at Canaudit, Inc.

Disarming The Insider Threat
Philip Lieberman - President of Lieberman Software

Forensic Investigations of Hacking Incidents
Ondrej Krehel, CISSP, CEH - Information Security Officer at Data Breach and Forensic Services

Standards, Measurement, and Cyber Security: Policy Standards & Today's Shifting ThreatsMatt Webster – Director of Technology Alliances at Lumeta

Strengthening Log on Security: New Strategies for Two-Factor Network Authentication
Matt Berzinski - Product Manager of Passlogix, Inc.

How a Business Can Benefit from Managed Network Security and a UTM
Pierluigi Stella – CTO of Network Box USA

Keys to kingdom Or Keys Across the kingdom? - Managing Cryptography Key as an Asset
Swamy Patil - Senior Consultant at Infosys Technologies, Ltd

Building a Modern Malware Protection Plan
Alex Lanstein – Sr. Security Researcher at FireEye

State of the Hack - Find Evil, Solve Crime.
Michael E. Malin - Executive Vice President and CFO at MANDIANT

Using Network Forensics to Combat Cyber Attacks
Joe Habib - Director of Professional Services and Education at WildPackets

Advanced Persistent Threats: Leading the Wave of Cybercrime
Tom Murphy - Chief Strategy Officer at Bit9

Building a Resilient Homeland Network and Protecting Critical Cyber Infrastructure with Deep Packet Inspection
Joel Ebrahimi - Solutions Engineer at Bivio Networks

The Use of Data Analytics for the Detection
Nadia Brannon - Principle LECG

Dealing with Next Generation Cyber-Security Threats and Business Compliance Risks - Are you Ready?
Anupam Sahai - President of eGestalt Technologies, Inc.

Fraud Detection Algorithms and Applications
Nadia Brannon – Principal of LECG

The Use of Data Analytics for the Detection and Investigation of Fraud
Wendy Predescu, Director and William Litigation, Manager KPMG LLP

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