Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ides Of March 2011 Pasco County Florida

I am in Pasco county Florida near the gulf coast now. In the last two days have been some very odd and large chemtrails over the area, with many loops and double circular ducts over the gulf, pictures will eventually follow here....with the news from Japan, many locals are feeling apprehensive about what the government has up its sleeve to attack us with next, praise jeezus.

Many people here are finally waking up to the truth about the jewish god who has been used to subvert American ideals as well. That is making the mormons and the catholics very mad, because their retardo-judaic-biblical predictions are getting all fouled up as usual.

The Pasco sheriffs here are stalking regularly: doing the bidding and dirty work for the politico puppets, who are all feeling threatened and just looking to attack someone, anyone, to make dhs look like it is worth a damn, and to distract attention from themselves by creating violence or other types of government sponsored terror. They never cease trying to frame people either, but they are dumb as sox, so its same ol' same ol'.

I think the zionists are finally realizing there are some people who will just not buy into their unAmerican business plan. Now they are getting what they have coming to them, expect a lot more environmental mayhem and also the skies, the earthquakes have started in the Gulf already....b

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