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Installment Sci-Fi By Bill Gallagher BOOK: Super Natural

Installment Sci-Fi By Bill Gallagher

Copyright 4ever

From The Book: Super Natural

Chapter One: 2025AD

I see moving shadow of smoke

On the molten adobe beside me.

East sun highlights morning darkness to the west

Fire warmth rises fast with purpose and form.

Coffee in the air, distant diving hawk.

The cat is coming up the path after another night out.

Soul forces all part of the planets energy field,

Interacting, communicating, existing,


On many different levels

At once.

Light Happens

See the sound?
It crashes in.
All around.
It gets in...
Well it could be good,
Make us love each other
Guns In The Sky, Guns In The Sky...
Someone out there, ain't gonna like it.

Michael Hutchence
From the CD Kick
Guns In The Sk

Our command center is mobile, as many are today. It is several miles from the target, which is to say very close by our standards. Sometimes we strike from thousands of miles away, but this target, like the majority, affords us the advantage of proximity, and we would be foolish to squander that advantage. The use of active auroral technology in warfare, though well developed and quite entrenched here in the middle 2020s, makes engagement of the enemy a relatively passive thing anymore. The enemy does not even realize it is being attacked. The enemy is transformed into our friend, and if not our friend, then at least the enemy becomes incapable of performing acts of sin, which of course means anything detrimental to the state.

The enemy is well defined. The profile is unmistakeable. Today warfare is highly sophisticated and humane. Today it is all about surreptitious electronic coercion, and consent engineering. It is science, surely.

Behavior modification.

Any subject, if discovered in time, can be turned electronically. It is how the human organism is made. This is what all mind control, up to this day, has been in preparation for. The dumbing down was just a necessary step in the installation of electronic warfare devices to be used against the enemy when necessary, so that the state may flourish. Is this not Awesome? Is it not perfect evidence of the states collective powers?

Yes the command center is a busy place, especially today. The dispersion of the particulate plumes, by the drones at lower altitudes, and the heavier commercial type aircraft at the upper levels, was coordinated by a crew of over forty computer operators, whose interfaces are nearly intelligent now. It is not even spoken communication anymore, artificially intelligent monitoring of the logistics operators bio system by the Time Domain AI creates interaction unimagined just a decade ago.

The augmented adepts are ensconced elsewhere but nearby too, they are the newest aspect of active auroral technology, it is truly an artificial telepathy now, in every sense of the word, dreamed of for so long, now a reality. The augmented operatives, with their implants and extensive training in auroral-vortex energies, and the active manipulation thereof, amplify the influences of the macro-plasma/electronic fields in ways which cannot be resisted by the average, or even the advanced subject. Or even the genetic dissident...


Summertime Chicago. Large deco-looking office buildings and warehouses all around me. I walk down the city side street with a half full gas can. Nothing odd about that sight these days. Another wandering schmuck out of gas. Taking a quick right I enter the alley. Deserted. Good. Planning pays. I set the small plastic gas can next to the primary target, a large propane tank used by the combine above. My small gas can fit somewhat neatly between the propane tank and one wall of the combine. Again, all according to the scenario constructed at my headquarters, by my witches and I, over the last few months. Planning pays, but divination is a very helpful thing too.

The combine I am speaking of is Project Odd God, my enemies in the government. It must be neutralized so that my witches can reign. It is me, afterall, who discovered the true powers of wireless first, when everyone else was tuning in their computers and cellphones, I was doing extraction experiments through the Nansen Vortex! Many other things have followed, all based on the simple fact that humans were in fact created, and were actually made maintainable, were made to be EMPOWERED, by all types of wireless energy.

It was not enough that our forebears and their wrecked worlds kept myriad robotix and other automata in constant flux and growth, they constantly improved themselves too, and that would be us. The brain is a battery-computer-broadcast instrument, the whole body an electricity manipulating machine. You just gotta know how 2 do it. That would be me, and my witches and my Goddess. And now, because they are cheap scummy thieves and uninventive alpha dominators, the people of project Odd God. The so-called cloistered adepts. The tank people. Project Odd God is so secret that there are even necessary lapses in security, due to reasons of deniability, plausibility, damage control, and closed cell politics. I am here to turn off their electricity. So that my beautiful witches may reign. So that my multi-faceted trap may finally be sprung. So that I may meld with my Goddess and be God. Not Odd God. God.

And by the Goddess I Will.

The propane tank is fairly large, 2000 pound capacity, filled that morning. I know because I watched them do it.

I secreted the gas can in one quick motion while taping a quarter stick of a traffic flare from my pocket, perfectly legal, to the side of it . The can had a little less than 2 gallons of gasoline liquid, fresh, within. I lit the flare where it protruded from the top of the plastic and moved away. I had about 4 minutes before the flare melted into the plastic, igniting the gas and exploding the propane tank in the process. This mission was a foul nest rupturing, exposing raw secrecy to the world, let in the light. Some interior decoration from without.

Making my exit from the alleyway I immediately noticed I was no longer alone. A cat, tail straight up like an antenna, was zipping crosswise through the alley in an apparent attempt to intercept me, to head me off. It wanted to rub all over me or something. They have good noses. I grabbed the animal by its conveniently extended tail and suspended it off the ground as I quickly continued walking out of the alley. It twirled around, paws splayed, in surprised consternation. It had certainly not expected that! Carrying the cat so I turned left to head back the way I had come. It was clear, and I slung the animal ahead of me. It landed perfectly of course. It had not bitten scratched or shat. Good kitty. It did turn and bare its fangs at me, hissing no doubt, but any sounds were drowned out by the impressive and satisfying flash-wumpf from behind me. Broken things began falling from above. Oops.

This was not an act of terror. This was an act of willful destruction. A well done one too.

I acted normally, I did what anyone would do: I looked behind myself with great alarm (It was an awesome sight) and I ran away fast. I passed the kitten-catten but he was doing allright for himself last I saw. I do what I can.

I found nearly all my witches in Alabama; Huntsville to be exact. Witches Happen, the future is a widescreen chemical/energy input happening too, which I am perfectly situated to experience and enjoy and reconstruct. Yes. There are some very fine witches near Redstone Arsenal. They said they were wiccas, like wikkas, I said no my pretty Wiccas, the double c is like ch, or tch, you are Wiccas like Wichahs. My Huntsville witches are born from Euro-hybrid genetic mixings, generations of hill wisdom, indian knowledge, a little paperclip naziism, with a dash of arcane surreality, shall we say supernatural exposure, thrown in for funsies? Sure we can say that, and we will, but some was not fun. Some was real. As the wireless electricity intensified everywhere with phased array antennae, active auroral plasmas sprayed daily, plus satellites in profusion, more and more weird things began to transpire around Marshall Space Center, and the house on Clopton Street, oh yeahhhh. Thats how I found my witches, and now that my initial mission is done, the war engaged, the real work begins.


"Yes what is it?"

The marine hated addressing the president. The president was an abrasive self-important ass. Except with his intimates; cabinet members, a few others. Then it was all high fives and basketball slang. The oval office had taken on the atmosphere of a carnival in a ghetto city park, with all the specialty foods always being delivered, and ....uhhhh...people of color about. The marine hated even worse being the bearer of bad tidings, and these tidings were certainly that. His was a very non-descript mission, he was a messenger among the most secret cadre within government, and it was hardly ever enjoyable.

"Its Project Odd God Sir."

The president dropped his writing implement, an electronic stylus, and froze in his seat. Without looking up he said:


The marine succinctly and in simple language explained the situation, the loss of the adepts for the mission at hand, and several damaged beyond recuperation. They had been melding electronically through the fluid of their tanks, powering up as it were, kissing the sky in a very real way, utilizing massive broadcast technologies and the active auroral technologies to manipulate certain other types of energy as focus for pure will. Well. That was no more. An explosion of some kind. Damaged even the backup power.

This use of humans as alive amplifiers to manipulate the fields which could be broadcast across a very broad spectrum had been learned in the last 5 years from studying this particular subject, and the subject still appeared unaware of the program at hand, the surveillance, the electronic coercion. The theft. She continued in her normal manner, as if nothing was amiss. Because so much had been spent to this point the decision must be made whether to abort or proceed without the adepts. To achieve the turning of the subject with only conventional methodologies. MHD based broadcast technologies. Proven yes, but many times requiring further work in the future, or leaving the subject permanently damaged.

For a second the president had a flash through his mind that this might be a trap, and he almost laughed out loud at such a ludicrous thing: This person was not smarter than he and his, and even if it was a trap, what could one individual do against the might of the military and its government?

"Continue the operation. With extreme prejudice if necessary." said the President.

"Yes sir." Replied the marine.


The command center works faster than people can think. No sooner was the presidents order given to proceed than it was done, and additional lines of particulate plumes were begun in the sky, with a full broadcast canopy projected above the subject and environs within 20 minutes! Additional antennae were being added to the array, and the energy output was incredible. There had a been a 25 minute flurry of confusion during the loss of the adepts, and, during the sorting out of all that, one of the computer operators vomited all over the place, because there is a definite sympatico within any network of bio electronic entities. The mess was prodigious, but it is all cleaned up now. My command center hums again, as the minutes are counted down to engagement.


"My Goddess."

"Come to me."

I did, undressing as I went. Around the darkened room coils discharged into the air like weird candles of lightning, and plasma orbs floated about. This energy took some getting used to, no lie, it was a conscious transformation. Not easy. The others, here and in Huntsville, are all my proteges, my best and most beautiful students. it is a special time, another life, it is more. It is Worship. Mutual Worship. And Building. We are talking high power wet splice here, if you can dig it. Together she and I as one are literally God come alive onto this world. God is neither Male or Female it is both, the sum plus plus. And we know how to work it, we make things happen. It is creation manifest. Two halves of one thing uniting consciously, with fearsome purpose. To fight for life, to be immortal.


"God look at him. He makes me so hot." That was Cassie. Cassandra was a very special and talented witch. During extractions from the vortices, and at some other times, sparks jumped from her hair, and her eyes became inlit, lupine. She was extremely adept at intercepting, absorbing, and redirecting energy from the electrical fields propogated by the government. Its what her training was all about. All the witches are good at that.

"Look at THEM! They're starting to absorb in giga hits. They're glowing. " Penelope, coordinator of the room, was a natural redhead of almost pure irish decent. She actually fed upon the energy of the government operations, and she had been the first to use the instructions of her teacher, first to utilize the new powers which were a by-product of wireless power. She was a major part of this deflection mechanism constructed by the man Lucifer long ago. Once he was able to a achieve an environment immune from external electronic monitoring and manipulation he was able to get on to the next level of his construct, his art. What else is there, heh? Together these witches were the mechanism which allowed an area clear of surveillance and detrimental effects, and the mechanism worked well.

The witches were three, the last being Justina, a small quiet blond with intent blue eyes and lithe appearance. Other than being an experienced specialist in subverting active auroral and antennae wireless energies, she was also an accomplished hand to hand fighter. She was especially artful with a knife. She liked old languages too, and professed to see real secrets in the old alphabets. From some of her past activities, that was more than believable. Now she said:

"Here it comes...3,2,1...."

All three young women monitored visor screens where among many other things they watched the far away room, the room of the governments subject, theGoddess of Lucifer. Bait, and perfect. The government did not see Lucifer of course. To the government, Lucifer was an unknown. To the government, Lucifer was the devil. What the government saw at their command centers was just a matrix. Created. Unreal. What they saw was simply their homework. The information to make them more worthy as opponents, or perhaps, more fitting, as victims. It made them players.

Cuffs folded out...6 wrists placed, click shut, connected...electronic seance Mammy. The implanted wetsplice at their 6 wrists now linked them in a three way circle,pretty, dangerous. Electricity crackled. Somewhere in the house one of the cats howled. The women smiled inwardly to a one. Everything alive is technology, and then some.

More electricity crackled about, and the triple will of the Wiccas was directed, lets say further empowered with order, by a very powerful AI the size of a matchbook. There is an anachronistic kick in the hiney innit? Chaz is the AIs name . Chaz is another story altogether.

This automatic computer system which was an interface with raw power and radical computing abilities also dispensed the myriad drugs they used to do their job, to work their witchery...they were not called wet splices for nothing... psilocybn, the gate to the vortex; an odd hallucinogen synthesized from tabernathe iboga root; some minor euphorix, amphetamine....the witches were a mix, a brew as it were, being taken to the next level by the machine, maintained in battle mode...



From the Book: Super Natural
Chapter 4
Lucifer's Dirge
Copyright Bill Gallagher
Hudson 2011

How many other things like fire are there? Things that come into being as energy consuming vortices when the conditions are right, but can only be called forth with volition by the initiated, of which the human race is largely not. Hmmmmm? And where do they go when they die? How much is expenditure, and how much is consumption, that is the question of the ages. Truly the question is this: Is It Either? Both? Or something beyond human comprehension altogether. Yet.

From Rattos Companion Book of Magick and Reality Manifestation
St. Lucifer's Cross, 2112AD


"Why can't we remember the future?"
Child to Sagan, circa 1980AD


The largest known single organism on earth at this time is a mycelial mat in the Northwest United States which is as large as 1600 football fields and is several thousand years old at least. It has been responsible for the total devastation of the entire forest 4 times that can be discerned, feeding itself as it were, but making much better conditions for new growth, actually increasing the health of each succeeding era towards gigantism, in some sort of odd long term symbiosis.

c.2000 AD
From: "Private Web Sites of the Early Internet" 2333AD, Daniels


It began in Pembroke Pines. My introduction. That's all it was, an introduction, but it was certainly a key event, even trauma, as these things sometimes are. I had no clue. None. That made it much easier on me, for sure. I was called, and I went, and for that I am eternally thankful. Interesting times. Higher purpose and all that. Other intelligent life all around. Just different.

I went to Tampa after Pembroke Pines, as a government issue, a G.I. in the United States Air Farce. I had been to Texas, was back in Florida, working in military uniform under military jurisdiction at Macdill Air Farce Base, as a box jockey at Base Supply, Logair Cargo, and Base Packing and Crating. Technically I was 60531, and later after the service, which includes now, I never met many of those. I didn't know that's how it would be. I am sure there were others because I worked with them for awhile.

I had a little money then, bought books, and my introduction soon became a long term interest. Nothing like an obsession, the use precludes all that, let us say a more lengthy and involved though no less traumatic Continued introduction, with continued obliviousness of the inductee as well. This is best when different intelligent life forms begin communication, it takes a long time and a lot of effort. I iingested the mushrooms many times. I Iiked it always. Cut way down after High School but visited when I could, once every 5 years or so. Strange information indeed flowed through my mind, and became a good habit. Lifelong. I was being looked after the whole time, but I did not know things like that, things like that would have scared the hell out of me, and I would not have been receptive. I endured the lessons. And Iived. And my symbiosis grew, and I was largely, continually, unaware. Until Now.

Now I am capable. I see self-assembling things, the process, from the minutest and most miniscule, unto galactic proportion and beyond. I am harnessing an information milieu that has been around me always, is around everyone, and its especially suited for growth in this physical environment we inhabit now. It, Too, Was Made. It is part of this physical habitat, this system; it can be used for survival activity of great importance. Great. Importance.

I will be even more capable soon. It is symbiosis, most assuredly, it is the way it is supposed to be. It is evolution.

It does not call many people, or is successful in very few cases only. The group has formed online though, and now it grows that way as well. Through its vectors it is another, unknown intelligence in the cyber space, and it likes it. And even most of its vectors are totally unaware. Unaware of its power, and their own personal power as a vector. They are unaware of the field which is how it must be for now. But they are learning. Growing. The system self assembles. Like quantum dots, and many other thingses. Heh.


Hear: There are many types of these intelligences, all around.

All Pervasive Magic.


...In the sun the green grass shone with glittering droplets of a recent rain. In places were tufts of grass thicker and more healthy looking. These spots of lushness denoted old dung piles. Cow dung, that is. From the old dung piles and the jungle around them were physically authored, brought into being, hallucinogenic psilocybn mushrooms. The Aztecs and others of South America used them in ritual and casual settings for thousands of years. The winds brought the spores across the Gulf Of Mexico and Florida was a nice environment too. The cubensis mycelium would many times grow into the ground itself, after bits and pieces of food once it had depleted its surface silage. Sensing an immediate end to its long term food requirements the mycelium sent out much hardier fruits, darker in color, heavy with spores, very potent in every way. The production of each mushroom takes precedence over numbers in this case, and these specimens were avidly sought, and could be found, can still be found, around the nut house at Pembroke Pines, which is not a nut house now, its gone in fact, but if you knew where it was you can find pasture around there with very old mycelial life, and good strong fruits from the ground versus dung piles.

From early internet mycology site by brewzed-bloo, obtained as shred off old hard drive. c. 2005
Actosearch registry # 87457384567386753567934756384753847587-2266AD

The visions came hard and fast. I forgot about Harry, Carl, Don, and they forgot about me. Tripping Balls. I had taken by far the largest dose, and things were melting and fusing and I was seeing things, getting things, I couldn't normally comprehend. I had help. Gargantuanity. The Multiverse. Scary stuff. It went in to be sorted later, covered up by the greatest light show I ever did see. For sorting later when I could get to it without freaking myself out, later so I thought it was my own thought perhaps, like so much else here coming in through the eyes and ears of everyone even during sleep. And more. Much more. I was learning something that the vast majority do not get to learn. Some others have seen it. More continue to awaken. It is the next step.


The Bwiti tribe of Northwestern Africa endured a rite of passage involving a little known hallucinogenic plant "The Tabernathe Iboga" bush. Specifically the roots are processed and taken in ritualistic settings and it is noted that shared hallucinations are a major aspect of this drug trip (Which sometimes lasts 12 hours) and though this was once thought to have been induced by setting, many early American experimenters (Lotsof, Beal) revealed they too shared many things in common with the annotated visions of the Bwitis. One central aspect surrounds "The Others", the Americans said Ultraterrestrials, comparing to the hallucinogens of their experience within the American mycological pharmacopeia.

Mycelial networks they said, independent and free forming neural networks, were another type of life, a slow cold fire to augment, to warm, the life around it; to energize the complexity of interaction. Like The Others of the Bwitis shared vision, mycelial networks are intelligent life here that is undocumented, though no less real.

The drug Ibogaine by the way, which was derived from the Iboga bush, was illegal in America, though great success had been obtained with it in breaking addictions of many kinds, including heroin addiction with just one usage. It has been said that the CIA, that great drug running operation of the United States Federal Reserve Government during the 20th and 21st centuries, hated ibogaine because it was bad for business. A name, Janet Reno, has come to light in this matter just recently. Where that will end up is anyone's guess.

Ridiculous Laws of The 20th and 21st Centuries

It is a slow cold fire, consuming more than it expends so that it grows. Or is it the other way around? However. The contrived emergency of the Crime Family Conspiracy, historically known as 911, created a destruction of American law so complete that the royalty of the world, but most notably England, was able to come in and initiate new plans using our military to do it. One of the plans includes what has become known as HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It has been said by some of mankind that HAARP is the ultimate weapon of the conspiracy, and that may be true. It is just that mankind has no real idea what the conspiracy really is. No, not at all. Fortunately for mankind the conspiracy is beneficial for now. This time. A truly superior intelligence.

HAARP is basically phased array antennae, and now with many others worldwide, and satellites, all augmented near ground with aerosol focusing devices called chemtrails or ground heaters, HAARP indeed is not only powerful but nearly invisible and deniable. It is a new energy paradigm by and for the royalty. Which is what they think. Which is good.

The slow cold fire is not so slow or cold any more, the mycelium thrives, and the propagation of electromagnetic energy is GOOD for fungal growth. It tweaks it. Increased moisture through magneto hydrodynamics (MHD), and the Mycelial Fields power Maximizes. Mycelial collectors input with atmospheric technology of dubious origin, and no one cares. Everything Amps Up. The vectors power up too, input through the amplifier which is the mycelial field, receiving a super fine-grade energy, clean 24-7, they are being looked after better now; they become more healthy, robust, smarter, they are being fed a high grade auroral energy by the other intelligence, their symbiote, the mycological intelligence.

An entire new set of teeth is growing in my mouth, pushing out the old ones just like when I was a child. These are healthier, harder. I am getting younger. Stronger.

My name is Lucifer. I have been born at the death of myself, part of something bigger and much more intricate for as far as I can see. Lovely.

Growth begins again.

2011 AD

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