Saturday, April 16, 2011

Major Chemming Over Gulf Coast Florida Pasco/Hillsborough County

Too bad the government did not get shut down, so the idiots I mean folks here in America could then see the source of chemtrailing is not of our government. Heavy chemtrails last few days over central FL, lots of X's and short parallel double bar ducts.  Many people are seeing the technology now, which is good.  There is a club of pigs here, the jesus bush club I guess, they harass and surveil and they are hick nazi scum with their jewish god and all...anyway, they are everywhere really, and they are not americans, they are israeli by religious choice.  They too depend on the tax dollars of the marks, er I mean the Americans, for their exalted lifestyles so they are all bought into the law enforcement called devilvision which is active auroral surveillance, information gathering for TIA/DHS, and behavior modification.  Praise the lord.

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