Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Satellite and Antennae

Phased array antennae and satellites are now being used to attack Americans, especially Americans in opposition to the little israeli puppet in the Whitehouse.  Storm and rain systems being maintained overhead in spite of  the fact that weather pictures show the area is clear.  This is israel, flexing its monsanto muscle, and using Americas military against Americans, just like the Alabama tornadoes were used attack us, then covered up with the bin laden lie.  The police seem to be in opposition to this unAmerican activity and so the EM lightening (Satellite) and constant inclement weather (To cover chemtrailing above) will be used as a weapon, which is what the ENMOD technology was really developed for.  Duh.  Don't believe the jesus freaks, they are dumb as pancakes.  Barack obama, aka barry soeteoro is a criminal working against America for his israeli masters the federal reserve.  Vote that piece of shit out, and get Ron Paul, a real American, in office before its too late.

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