Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Israels Boy Barry

The israeli shill barack obama aka barry soetero is on a 6 day vacation this time as the israeli war machine/military pounds americans with tornadoes created by enmod.  These Americans have been made too stupid by tv and education and jesus the jewish god to be able to see the attack.  This is barry flaunting the awarenees that some of us know him for the insane clown that he is, and he and his israeli masters just do not care.  They feel safe and they are complacent in the knowledge that they have taken americans to the cleaners, and now to the grave, with a technology they have done their best to keep hidden, denying it even as it happens in broad daylight. .  This enmod weaponry is an open attack on America by Americas military which has been taken over by israel.  911 was the machinated event which allowed israel to move to another level of control, ie behaviour modification and mass chemical pacification.  The first clue of this war activity on American soil (ENMOD created  tornadoes in Alabama) brought about the bin laden distraction, he was killed for a second time, so the piece of shit in the white house could play a charade in the media, with his masters, in a game for the rubes.    History will show that at least some of us have not been hoodwinked by the police here in America, land of the slaves and home of the pee.

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