Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vote Ron Paul 2012 For Clean Air -- ENMOD utilizing satellite and antennae tech more than chemtrails now

When it clouds up here in florida you can hear the jets and drones laying lines above the canopy, someone is making big bux off this enmod spraying, no doubt many in the israeli federal reserve government here in the ussa, especially the royal israeli shill barry "the piece of shit" soetero who likes to use this secret technology to attack americans because he thinks its deniable.  Chemtrails are being used now only for surveillance of enemies of israel, see single lines in plasmas used for OTE and other surreptitious events and attacks.  Lots of satellite and antennae artifacts in the sky these days, though lo and behold, many people are seeing it all now!  Vote Ron Paul in 2012 to stop this illegal pacification and surveillance technology, which most other politicians including the bush crime family and the mormon church are actually pushing.   The illegal police force of zion, ie federal reserve tax enforcement, are wigging because they know they are not Americans so they are hassling all and sundry to raise funds and be something.  They suck blood and so do their israeli employers.

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