Monday, June 6, 2011

Airborn Particulate Promotes EM -- WILDFIRES

During my last sojourn in the west (NM 2003-2010), where a lot of people are privy to the ENMOD experimentations of the last twenty years because they have eyes and use them, many of us noted that certain types of spraying operations (Chemtrails) directly preceded wildfires.  All became clear once the HAARP patent was dissected, as it fully explains the massive solar "ground heating" aspects of the sprayed barium, aluminum oxide, et al.  Lensing of the solar energies with plasma formed of active auroras is just one way to start forest fires, but very effective to target areas that cannot be gotten to easily, and also most handy for filling the air with particulate matter to propagate Elevctromagnetic pacification and environmental modification technologies.  When chemtrailing becomes too visible, the fires start out west, and there is a definite link between the particulate matter sprayed and the particulate matter which happens as a result of wildfires.  FYI.  I am writing this for the future because the idiots of this present time, trained by zions schools and worshippers of the jewish god are much too stupid, ie trained AWAY from understanding this technology.  That much is very evident anyway.  Don't worry you  ignorant and lost fools, you will always have work here in ussa as police men and womnen, you scumbags.  Hopefully the future will not be as full of inbred but educated drones as the present is.  Read the book DEVILVISION.

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