Sunday, June 19, 2011

Major ENMOD Surveillance and Weapons Pasco County FL 6/19/11

Drones and antennae are being used to construct major undulatus above, electro-undulatus of high order and form, in lieu of chemtrails which was predictable but hard to explain to stupid people like the israeli wannabe jesus freaks.  This means jeb and his crime family are still using the military and police (One entity now thanks to close personal friend of the bush crime family yo-mammy bin laden) to harass their political enemies and to attack those who do not toe the nwo line.  I think the governor here may not be privy to this because he is a tea party favorite, and it is that groups which the new world order fears most, just like alabama was hit with the tornadoes which were enmod weapons as well.  This weaponry in the sky (Active auroral directed energy sources/weapons)  is being used to target and harass/attack individuals and especially individuals growing gardens for food.  That is a strict no-no now that our govt has unofficially awarded the concession for our food to israel via monsanto.  All the pigs are either complicit in this or dumb as hell, and there is a lot of both.  Read the book Devilvision.  And also Death Recipes.  Both by me at  or search google for those terms.  Coming back to Florida I find that a lot I thought was true, IS true.  The bush family are fronting for england and s.america/mexico, and they all have been attacking us from inside for a long time now.  Wake up.

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