Sunday, June 19, 2011

Direct DEW Attacks by Local Law Enforcement pasco, pinellas, and hillsborough county fl

Notes aand pictures are being taken of individuals and activity which may indicate direct electronic attack by plain clothes pigs gere in florida, usin directed energy burst weapons.  the meters are bein obtained to detect this now, and an episode of hih probablity was marked and pictures taken the other night in laro florida, where two customers acting very out of the ordinary took pains to get close, and both of us workers present were in complaint of spinal pain immediately thereafter.  this type of ss activity is what the bush crime family specialise in, and jeb is here.  the whole time raygun was president they were trying to kill him with this stuff which was experimental back then. READ THE BOOK DEVILVISION.   hinckley like bin laden was a close friend of the bush family, marvin bush (?) was having dinner with one of the hinckleys the night before raygun was stuff is being issued to the hard core hard heads fer jeezus the jewish god, the lord of amerikkka, and to the police forces which are actually the israeli military on our streets.

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