Friday, June 24, 2011

Zionist Media Continues To Promote War In The Middle East.

The people who are benefiting from the huge amounts of money being pumped into the middle east, and also who benefit directly from the military deaths of American youth, are the israelis. They control media, the judiciary, big education, most religion, and of course our currency, all through the illegal institution of the federal reserve, and their ridiculous religion, which is foisted upon us since day one through the spectacle of the Jewish God Yeshva ben Miriam. Christianity is just a form of judaism, it is judaism for the slave class.

If it isnt syria, its the taliban, or al-quaeda, or libya, or homegrown muslim terrorists, or some other thing to be frightened and worried about for the poor persecuted people of israel. Their fear is really the fear of the thief, afraid of losing what they have stolen, they are more afraid of having their gravy train move on than of anything else, the gravy train they have cheated and lied and killed for all these years. They are behind ENMOD here in America, which is not just the largest insurance scam ever, but also behaviour modification and chemical pacification for the masses.  That last is the only reason Americans have not risen up sooner, they have been addled and disturbed with a technology which has been carefully hidden by zions educational instiututions for this purpose.

Read the book Devilvision..

It is plain to see that not only are the zionist jews afraid of losing their American tax dollar windfalls, they are truly the most racist and anti-semitic people in the world, attacking and belittling every other semitic race. This is why we have their crappy little country continually fostering war in the middle east, and though the withdrawal from the middle east should be and is good news,  the thieves of israel and their types in our government here are beside themselves with worry, as they may actually have to work one day soon, and they do not like that prospect at all.

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