Monday, June 27, 2011

Large Chemtrail Operations Begin In Florida Again

After prolonged drought here in Florida the bush crime family and their helpers everywhere have convinced the idiotic jesus freaks that there will never be rain again without the help of aerosol spraying, and this may be correct, and it also is a result of their environmental destruction by chemtrailing.  There is a lot of political activity here now, and these chemical trails in the sky following the nuts running for public office pretty much let the observer with-a-brain know that it is basically security and surveillance technology and the rain part is just the justification for its use, tacked on as needed.  Those are all zions candidates btw.  Read the book Devilvision.

There had been no chemtrailing since the so-called bin laden death, but then the politicos started showing up here, lying whores that they are, and the chemtrailing began.  Last friday a local man stabbed his neighbor over 100 times which was just one result of this mind altering hate making violence creating ENMOD, but the zionist media has taken it upon themselves to totally ignore these relationships, which undermines their credibility even more than normal, so there is some positive aspect.  Some people are feeling the results now too, and are wondering about the effects on their kids.   They are correlating sprayed lines with unease, disease, decreased functionality of their bodies and minds, and other detriments.  Good.

There are many other related violent events having to do with ENMOD,  but patterns pertaining to spraying in the sky definitely go unreported by israeli media like fox news.  Thats because zions media here lies by omission, as they always have, selectively reporting only things good for zion, and this pacification technoloy is zions conquest on  us all.  Zion has maneuvered control of our currency and now our food and water.  They can do that because they are Gods chosen people, right? Praise the God Damned Lord.

Many locals are waking up here because of activism and the spraying really is blatant at times, though the hard core mind controlled born-agains and their jewish god (Males worshipping a male, you know what that is) are preaching that the ENMOD is just rain making, nothing to be scared of, and because the lord lovers only care about their petty little needs and beliefs they are happy to believe the lies.  Every church in America should be burned to the ground and buried, they have sold us to elite international interests, and that is the point of them, I do believe.  Big chemtrails in double bar ducts followed me home from work this morning as soon as the sun came up, for over an hour new lines sprayed ahead of me as a I  traveled north, and the behavior modifying energy attacks continue as the complacent lazy sheep go about their ridiculous lives.  And America Dies.

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