Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Science Of Hostility: Directable Hostility, Electronic Mind Control, and The Disposable Veteran

       What we are seeing in American society right now is the culmination
of an inner war that has been raging in our country since its
inception, or even before. The two sides call themselves
Conservatives/Liberals, or Republicans/Democrats, Christians/Heathens
-- whatever; the names change but the situation stays the same. Those
labels and this inner war are just a ruse, run today by Americas
corrupt media, to keep the majoritys attention away from reality, and
thats because media is just PR for a very small and very scared upper
class, the chicken hawks and their industry of war. Whether it be the
war on drugs, or the war on terrorism, or a gulf war (One and two) a
vietnam war, a korean war, a world war, a civil war -- etc, the
Clintons and the Bushs and the Richardsons et al are just the most
recent examples of a monied elite against the mass in general. These
wealthy controllers have totally corrupted our government and our
currency and our election processes, and they ALL serve a foreign
master. That master is a religion born out of the middle east, one of
a number of semitic religions, which is finding its way home now while
dragging America along with it, which actually means dragging American
money along by the literal shiploads.
       •       As to reality, here is some: even though the sickening and
disgusting semitic shooter at Ft. Hood took out thirteen unarmed
people last week, that number does NOT exceed the number of suicides
YEARLY at Ft. Hood for the last three years. Yes, thats right, there
have been 14 suicides per year for the last three years on that base
ALONE, and the number is expected to increase this year. Other bases
have other numbers, but all are high because suicide in Americas
military is epidemic. None of those veterans will receive any benefits
now, being dead and all, thats a big ten-four. Considering the role
that psychiatry is now playing in medicine within the USA and its
military, one can only wonder about this type of thing, as it pertains
to the Disposable Veteran Scenario. The Disposable Veteran Scenario is
where the soldiers serve their purpose, of propagating
Israeli/judaic/semitic law worldwide, at low pay, and with great
personal sacrifice, then, for various reasons, self destruct before
they can receive any benefits. This scenario can indeed be perceived
clearly now, and seems to be a very well developed program, however
       •       A major aspect of the Disposable Veteran Scenario, and the
Disposable American in general, is that of DIRECTABLE HOSTILITY, a
science which has brought mind control to the next level. This science
depends largely on broadcast electronic energy and sprayed chemicals
which form active auroras (See below for links to details on that),
said auroras able to manipulate/exacerbate physical problems of all
kinds, whether they be old injuries, or induced sicknesses which can
occur via weaponised mycoplasmas or contractible cancers
(www.luxefaire.com--book review--Dr. Marys Monkey), or other dis-eases
which are then used to create a broad spectrum, or palette, or suite
even, of pain levels which are very useful to coercers like the German
Luftwaffe operators at Holloman AFB, alongwith other remote viewers
who control and utilize active aurora plasmas in surveillance and
torture that is nothing so much as an attack on American citizens by
international law enforcement. These forces do not even pay lip
service to the American constitution, or American ideals of freedom,
and many are actually involved in clandestine movements of large
shipments of drugs from places like Afghanistan, Cambodia, and
Columbia. Satellites are another part of this arsenal, and its not
hard to realize that environmental modification also modifies the life
forms inhabiting that environment, and thats where behavior
modification/mind control/Directable Hostility enter the picture.
Individuals are being "Maintained" at various stages of mental and
physical deterioration, to be pulled out of the hat when a media event
is needed. These subjects number in the many thousands, probably the
hundreds of thousands.
       •       To be able to manipulate people by pain with a secret and invisible
technology may seem like magic to many dim-witted types who the
federal reserve government has educated, but its not magic, it is just
science, and bad bad bad. There is a chemical-dosing aspect to these
sprayings as well, and these chemicals are not prescribed by your
doctors, thats for sure. That last may partially explain the
governments continued denials concerning the technology. Besides
physically conditioning the populace for who-knows-what, this is also
most likely a Security Technology to make the elite feel safe among
the rabble. They are loathe to give it up, for any reason, and have
disguised it as communications, entertainment technology, even rain
making, creating needs then fulfilling those needs with things that
salve their sick paranoia and need to control.
       •       And lets not forget the role of psychiatry/psychology in the lives
of other media shooter stars: The Columbine massacre, the Virginia
tech massacre, the Ft Hood massacre, ad nauseum. Psychiatry includes
many PHARMACEUTICAL drugs now, and along with food additives, water
additives, broadcast electromagnatix, and the daily spraying of
chemicals in the Gulf War situations (And now all across America since
911) one does not have to be a mental wizard (har) to see the patterns
and results of those patterns. Just try to count the antennae born
since the Clinton Administration, these gigantic antennae are made to
survive another civil war, and the idiot hix who worship the semitic
god are prey to more than they are capable of understanding, because
they have quit reading, and depend on tv or radio to give them their
information. Many of these antennae are being hooked up to new nuclear
power plants as you read this. More power, better power, everlasting
power, amen.
       •       Even though the vast majority of people on the earth are of
Celtic/Euro origin, for some reason they have adopted the religions of
the middle east, and put them front and center in the worlds affairs,
which is ludicrous, but true. All the middle eastern religions are
Semitic, as are the people originating there, no matter the
differences in beliefs or custom -- their internal racism runs amok
and drags us all down with it. Thats been happening a long long time.
These are not the religions of the Celts/Druids/Europeans at all. The
argument has always been that the Semitic religions and money changers
keep the world on an even keel because of their superiority in certain
areas, ie. the Celt/Euros are too primitive to handle their own
affairs when it comes to certain things. That is patently false, and
here is some more reality: the Judaix are just very good at
disrupting/destroying anything they want to control, in an effort to
take entire control of it, such as our currency. The areas they covet
and control at all costs happen to be the most lucrative activities,
too, duh.
 Many people have now become intimately familiar with the effects of
this diabolical control technology deployed here by Israel and its
minions: many are looking skyward finally. Keep your eye on things
like the bond indictments of CDR (The tip of one sides iceberg) to
follow the attacks of each side as they progress. Realize that mind
control and Directable Hostility are now a large part of either sides
arsenal, by which they plan to keep the mass enthralled with their
"show". Foreign people, especially Germans nationals, are to be
avoided, and if you see any acting funny around you, get away fast.
The hard core bible thumpers should be shunned as well, because they
are stupid as brix and meaner than cat shit, plus they are busted for
being the unAmerican lord lovers they have always been. Do not ask
yourself who is going to compensate you for all this experimentation
being done on you and your children, because that is not the issue.
The only issue is your premature death, so that you cannot collect any
kind of compensation, just part of the overall Disposable Scenario,
you lil' worker drone you. Its just israel balancing its books.

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