Saturday, July 2, 2011

Identity Obscuration, Pasco County Stalking, And Chemtrails 070111

Went to Tampa/Plant City yesterday, lots of stalking in Hudson in spite of torrential rains, and chemtrails all day locally. Went walking out and the drones over the area we walked were bad, spraying lines, creating directed energy weapons in the sky. Its easy to see the active auroral aspects, and to feel them.

Easy, just look up.

I have recently been set up in an identity obscuration situations here, (i know them well now, its a tampa-wienie thing I guess, bux fanz, goooooooooo team!), local religious DHS people stalking and mobbing, and targeted directed energy attacks; thats why I am beginning to log all my movements in a daily entry to twitter and facebook, or as daily as can be, with my real itinerary for future references. Was caught on camera during May using federal reserve toll roads and sent a ticket to pay tolls, it caused me to write this below:

Hi i want to clarify that my status as a sovereign American must be maintained in spite of this unrevealed contract by federal reserve government, whose currency I utilize from within a situation of duress

and molestation by said government, and that I reserve all my rights as a sovereign American unconditionally. This is to also state I imply no consent or agreement whatsoever to any lawmaking or

technology directly counter to, or undermining the American constitution, or its spirit.

This has to do with acct# 864131, my NM tag is GPB558....I paid $3.50 Federal Reserve Currency online just now by visa card, I do not want to be billed anymore and will avoid these type of roads in the future.

Mailings to me at the Hachita address take an inordinate amount of time to reach me ... My present address in Florida is WILLIAM J GALLAGHER10922 oak dr hudson fl 34669...I wish to pay any other tolls

outstanding via the internet because I do not want to lose track of this happenstance and/or its built in aspects of legal accrual which could harm the status of my Federal Reserve Drivers License if left unaddressed or lost in the mail. Please reply to the above email address( with status of this account, I can assure you it will go unused from this point forward. Thank you. William Joseph Gallagher Hachita NM (Residing in Hudson Fl)

Finally, A communique worthy of my attention:

Darlene- nailed it.... this program from hell that our government has placed ordinary citizens not charged with any crimes on - nor under investigation.

She Nailed it.



I am not sure why you sent the email to be yet copied so many? My assumption is that you are looking for information from everyone that you copied.

My documented opinion is that there are no gangs stalking; these individuals are funded by the federal government here and abroad. The source of these activities begin with the involvement of the militaries various divisions; Army, Air Force, Special Ops, Black Ops... Joint Forces as documented in their on Psychosocial operations manuals and military training operations manuals that can be searched on the Internet. Each military training manual (prior to this April 2011's revisions) stated the use of CERTs, Citizens Corps and Neighborhood Watch groups, police and fire (issued surplus military weapons by the military) to engage in tactical domestic terrorist training. WE ARE NOT AT WAR!

If you log on to any of the DOD Homeland Security CERTs,. Citizens Corps or REACT International web sites you will find the engagement of any and all ancillary groups to form as 'watch groups', it goes further to request they they all be certified by CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) with a key involvement in government terrorist training. Most of these sites promote the Volunteer Protection Act and state that they will not be protected for their acts, protected from what acts.....their illegal activities, that's what. This is also misleading to those they engage in these criminal acts of stalking, harassment, assaults and surveillance since nearly all of them receive money for their work, not just money for expenses.

If you review at a local level or log on to the Homeland Security web site for CERTS, you will be blocked from the RSS feeds (or maybe not), those text messages that they send to every Fusion center employee or neighborhood watch group via GPS and text messages as we drive across roads and highways. REACT International, sends their messages via truck semi computers, CBs and Text messages which results in the attacks by truck drivers that we capture daily.

If you review any of the Homeland Security Fusion center web sites you will find that they encourage the engagement of corporate partnerships. These corporate partnerships are those criminals. Criminals at all levels conducting all kinds of crimes; from emails to me regarding women who are forced to become sex slaves, to child pedophiles rings, to corporate targeting of executives; and all by those who have access to every aspect of any persons personal, financial and medical records....thus the government contract with LexisNexis to provide the comprehensive background checks on every person in your family...., every asset, liability, property owned, and family member information as well.

The use of Homeland Security Fusion centers as Theater Operations and (so called) Peace Operations Tactical training to conceal the acts of illegal human experimentation of biochemical weapons, chemical trails, direct energy and radiation weapons and more (those trillion dollar government contractors weaponry and technology testing) on those that they highly target; though it would appear that all Americans and those abroad are all 'test case dummies' as well, we (known targeted individuals) just experience the most tortuous aspects of their wrath on our health and loss of our property.

Search the military library at for any Senate Appropriations Budgets to the Army, and Dept of Defense and you will find the illegal authorization of deployment of biochemical testing (airborne testing), satellite weapons testing, and tactical training on U.S. citizens and those abroad. Start with 2008, 2009 since they currently list testing through to FY 2012.

Hope this helps your research, it has helped me mine and to understand the evil that exist in our own nation.

Darlene Miles

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